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Who is James Ennis: Biography, Net Worth & More

James Ennis is an American professional basketball player and 2014 National Basketball League (NBL) title winner with the Perth Wildcats. The Ventura-born star was selected by the Atlanta Hawks as a 2nd round, 50th overall pick in the 2013 NBA draft, only to be traded to the Miami Heat same night. He began his professional career in Australia, where he earned several accolades, including All-NBL First Team and Wildcats’ Club MVP.

Who is James Ennis?

James Alfred Ennis III known in the basketball circle as James Ennis is one of six children of James Ennis II and Denise Taylor in Ventura, California in the United States of America. As a kid, he and his five siblings were drawn to different sports, including basketball, skateboard, rode bikes and soccer.

Having to move a lot from different cities during his childhood, Ennis spent his high school days switching schools. Before graduating from Ventura High School in 2009, his freshman year show him attend three high schools.

Ennis played basketball at Oxnard, Ventura and Long Beach State during his collegiate years. He had good season which prompted the Atlanta Hawks to sign him during the 2013 NBA draft, as a second round, fiftieth overall pick and traded same night to the Miami Heat.

Despite his selection and subsequent trading to the Miami Heat in the NBA, he’d rather begin his professional career in Australia with the Perth Wildcats. Recording 25 points in his debut season and winning the NBL Title, he rejoined the Miami Heat ahead of the 2014-15 season.

Ennis starred six times in the 2014 NBA Summer League and made a statement. He averaged 15.5 points, 5.7 rebounds, 1.5 assists and 1.3 steals in those games. His NBA debut came in a win against the Washington Wizards on 29 October 2014.

Throughout his career in the NBA, he joined several top teams and had somewhat good careers before tasting basketball in other countries and leagues. He played for the New Orleans Pelicans, Memphis Grizzlies, Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, Orlando Magic, Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Clippers and the Denver Nuggets.

He last played in the Chinese National Baskeball League for Hebei Xianglan after he moved from Grises de Humacao of the Baloncesto Superior Nacional. Since he hasn’t yet announced his retirement, he may see him in action again soon.

What is James Ennis’s Age, Height and Weight?

On 1 July 1990, James Ennis opened his eyes in Ventura, California, United States. Presently at 33 years old, he stands at 6 foot 6 inches tall and weighs in at 98 kilograms. The African-American small forward’ frame made him a good all-round player in the NBA and other leagues.

What is James Ennis’s Nationality and Ethnicity?

The Ventura-born basketball player is an American national but of African-American ethnicity.

Where does James Ennis come from?

James Ennis hails from Ventura, California in the United States of America.

What is James Ennis’s Profession?

James Ennis is an American basketball player and a small forward who has had careers in different leagues.

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Which Position does James Ennis play?

James Ennis is a basketball small forward.

Which teams has James Ennis played for?

James Ennis has seen his career go from highs to lows, playing in the United States, Haifa, Samara, Puerto Rico and in China.

NBA Teams

Miami Heat
Memphis Grizzlies
New Orleans Pelicans
Detroit Pistons
Houston Rockets
Philadelphia 76ers
Orlando Magic
Brooklyn Nets
Los Angeles Clippers
Denver Nuggets

He also played for Hapoel Haifa, BC Samara, Grises de Humacao and Hebei Xiangian.

Which Awards has James Ennis won?

James Ennis’ NBA career has not been so much of a success despite being one of the best during the NBL season. He has not won any accolades since turning professional but has a few including winning NBL champion, All-NBL First Team, Wildcats’ Club MVP, Big West Player of the Year, AP honorable mention All-American, First-team All-Big West and 2× First-team All-WSC.

Is James Ennis active on Social Media?

James Ennis is active on social media. Though not with a strong presence, his Instagram account (@biggame11) has 101K+ followers and his X account (@JamesDa_Truth) has 28.6K+ followers.

Has James Ennis won the NBA Title?

No, James Ennis has never won an NBA Title. He however has in his trophy cabinet an NBL Title which he won in 2014 with the Perth Wildcats in Australia.

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Who are James Ennis’s Parents?

James Ennis II and Denise Taylor are the couple who gave birth to American basketball player James Ennis. The duo also had five other children but not much has been documented about them till this date.

Does James Ennis have Siblings?

James Ennis is one of six children birthed to his parents. In Ventura, California, the six grew up playing different sports.

Who is James Ennis married to?

At this day, James Ennis is unmarried. There has not been rumors of any engagement or past relationships he has been involved in. Should he make a bold step and come public with any romantic relationship, we’ll be quick to update our readers.

How many Children does James Ennis have?

As far as we are led by reports in the media, American basketball player James Ennis does not have any children.

What is James Ennis’s Net Worth?

American basketball small forward, James Ennis is a household name after playing for several NBA teams and other leagues as well. His net worth is unavailable presently. However, the current free agent has reportedly signed contracts to the tune of US$19,499,533 in his entire career. Thus, he should be worth between US$5 to US$10 million.

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How much does James Ennis make annually?

James Ennis’s annual earning is currently unavailable. He last played in the Chinese National Basketball League but financial terms of his contract with Hebei Xianglan hasn’t been made public.

How many houses and cars does James Ennis have?

James Ennis has not talked up the number of houses and cars he has. The American basketball player who last starred in the Chinese National Basketball League for Hebei Xianglan during the 2023 season prefers to keep his personal life private. Despite the unavailability of data to this effect, it is safe to say he owns a house in the United States and has a few cars for his errands.

How many Investments has James Ennis?

At this day and time, American basketball player, James Ennis has not publicly stated any such investments he has made.

How many Businesses does James Ennis have?

James Ennis does seem to be mostly a private person all through his career. A lot has he not made public yet and that includes businesses he owns and those he may have diversified his income into.

How many Endorsement deals has James Ennis?

James Ennis’s career in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Chinese National Basketball League hasn’t earned him any brand endorsement deals with such giant sportwear and business companies so far.

Does James Ennis donate to Charity?

Presently, there is no concrete evidence in place which deals with charity donations James Ennis has made. Due to the lack of credible data, we cannot conclude whether or not he has been generous towards some charities in the United States or elsewhere in the world. As and when reliable sources are made available, updates would be provided.

How many Philanthropic Works has James Ennis supported?

Not much has thus far been documented in respect to philanthropic works James Ennis has been supportive of. The American basketball star however has shown interest in some community works overtime.

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