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DIY: Add Your Own Touch To Your Home

Renovating a kitchen, painting a room, or putting in new flooring are just a few examples of how home improvement tasks let you add your own touch.‚Äč

Renovating is a thrilling moment since it brings you one step closer to realizing your ideal residence and adding items that hold special meaning for you should be your priority when it comes to giving your house a personalized touch.

You can choose from a variety of things to do to add some personal touch to your home or give it that feel whenever you get home and here are a few of the things you can do yourself to add a touch/feel of your own to your home:

  • If you want your favorite piece of art to fit your color scheme, use it in a different color grade. You may make it monochromatic by tinting it pink and framing it in a pink frame, or you can make it black and white.
  • Arrange some bookshelves: assemble your favorite items in complementary or monochromatic colors, then arrange them on your bookshelves in between the books.
  • Instead of keeping family photos in one location over the fireplace, use a variety of frames in the same color scheme to create a gallery wall in your hallway or on your staircase.
  • Make open shelving so that your children can play with their toys instead of keeping them hidden away from view.
  • When feasible, incorporate your favorite colors. You may use any color you like in your home, and you can do it stylishly by researching various color schemes online. Don’t be limited by what you see on social media or in interior design magazines.

Below are some amazing ways to give your home a feel of your preference:

1. Play around with the lighting

One crucial component of giving your house a unique touch is the lighting. Lighting is something you don’t want to rush because it can change a room dramatically. More striking statement lighting is what you’ll need if you’re trying to add lighting to a space where you’ll entertain or focus.

A space’s ambiance and mood can be drastically altered by experimenting with the lighting. String lights can be used to create a warm and whimsical environment and you can hang them from ceilings, walls, or outdoor areas like decks and patios.

Or give vintage or thrift store lights a makeover by painting the base or changing the lampshade. Additionally, you can use fabric, paper, or other materials to make bespoke lampshades that will give personality to the space and diffuse light.

2. Make room for plants and artwork

Making room for artwork and plants can enhance your home’s beauty, charm, and quiet. Reclaim as much space as possible by adding vertical gardens. Display a range of indoor plants, such as trailing vines, ferns, and succulents, by mounting pots or shelves on the wall.

Create a gallery wall to display plants and artwork. To add visual interest, arrange framed prints, paintings, photos, and other artwork in different combinations. Place little ledges or shelves in between the artwork to showcase ornamental objects like potted plants.

3. Add an extravagant and textural element with Metallics

Adding metallic components to your interior design can give it a luxurious, sophisticated, and textural touch. Add metallic elements to your space first, such as ornamental bowls, candleholders, trays, and vases.

Select dazzling brass, copper, silver, or gold pieces to instantly improve the aesthetics of any space. A focal point and a sense of spaciousness are created when mirrors with metallic frames are hung. Select mirrors with geometric or detailed metallic designs to give the walls some texture and intrigue.

Use your imagination to create unique metallic DIY projects, such as applying metallic spray paint to furniture or accessories, using metallic paint to create accent walls, or using metallic foil or leaf to create metallic art pieces.

4. Clashing textures create a striking look

It’s true that combining and contrasting textures can give your home decor a visually arresting and dynamic look. An intriguing position can be produced by combining harsh textures like exposed brick or raw wood with soft textures like velvet or silk. For a mix of elegance and rustic charm, put a velvety velvet sofa, for instance, up against an accent wall made of brick.

A distinctive and eclectic atmosphere can be produced by combining industrial textures like metal or concrete with organic textures like woven fibers or rattan. For a striking contrast, consider hanging a rattan pendant light fixture above a concrete dining table.

In the end, combining and clashing textures is all about gauging different combinations and going with your gut. Take chances and have fun when decorating to make a place that expresses your individuality and sense of style.

5. Outdoor hangout spots

Establishing outdoor gathering places is a great way to entertain friends and take in the beauty of the outdoors. Create a comfy seating area with lounge chairs, couches, or hammocks on your patio or deck in the backyard. For extra comfort and style, add blankets, toss cushions, and outdoor rugs.

If you own a pool, create a lounge area beside it for lounging and relaxing with lounge chairs, parasols, and outdoor daybeds. To create a feeling of a resort, add tropical plants and side tables for snacks and drinks.

Construct a fire pit space where loved ones may congregate, toast marshmallows, and exchange tales while enjoying a roaring fire. For a cozy and rustic ambiance, arrange benches, Adirondack chairs, or built-in stone sitting around the fire pit.

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