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DIY: How To Unblock A Toilet Without A Plumber.

We all have a toilet in our homes and keeping it clean all the time is one very important trait every home and its occupants hold absolutely dear. In such a case where you have a blocked toilet albeit you making sure all his well, and the bad experience it comes with, you need know how to easily unblock it without having to pay any plumber for his services. After reading this article, you’ll find out the seven (7) ways to help you easily unblock your clogged drain. Before anything, you need to prepare for the task ahead, as you’re not a professional in this field.

How To Prepare

First time to do when you’re faced with a blocked toilet is for you to stop the water in the tank flowing. How do you do that? You need to take the lid off the tank and close the toilet flapper (the circular drain plug) linked to a chain. After properly doing that, spread a mop or newspapers on the bathroom deal with any spillages. Now to the first step to unblocking a choked drain.

  1. Use Your Hands
  2. Use A Plunger
  3. Use A Wire Coat Hanger
  4. Use A Plumbing Snake
  5. Use A Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner
  6. Use A Homemade Drain Cleaner
  7. Use A Commercially Produced Product

Use Your Hands

The first time you can do to salvage the situation is by looking down the toilet bowl to ascertain where exactly the issue is emanating from. If you’re able to detect any fault through that process, you’re on your way to finding a solution. Wear a gloves and dip your hand into the toilet to see if there are any obstructing. If it’s easy for to touch whatever has caused the blockage, remove it. If it is unreachable, employ the use of a coat hanger or plumbing snake. This takes us to the next step.

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Use A Plunger

I assume you have a rubber plunger lying somewhere in your storage room. This is the time where you go grab it and use it as it is by far the easiest way to unclog a toilet drain. Boil some water, run it under the plunger and get it softened. Slide the plunger into the toilet bowl and be sure the suction cup covers the entirety of the hole. When that is done, slowly push in and pull out the submerged plunger. The effect of the push-pull factor will create a vacuum which will help loosen up the blocked area.

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Use A Wire Coat Hanger

If the use of the plunger works, then you will not need a wire coat hunger. In the circumstance where you were able to detect or detected by could not remove the obstacle with your gloved hand, the wire coat hanger comes in handy. First, bend the hanger into a vertical line and immerse it into the toilet bowl. This way you can easily navigate the wire around till you encounter the blockage.

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With the feel of what has clogged the drain, apply a little force and push the object down the drain until you water in the toilet bowl runs down the drain with ease. Unable to feel any obstruction therein with the wire coat hanger, the problem causing the clogged drainage must be farther down. At this point, you will need to use a plumbing snake.

Use A Plumbing Snake

As the name implies, this toilet cleaning tool is designed to maneuver through the drainage system like a snake. Its use is simple, as you drop one end into the toilet and you push through the bowl to the drainage system until you hit any obstruction. Voila! You come across the problem, push and twist the tool until whatever is blocking breaks down into tiny bits causing the water to freely flow through. After that, manually flush the toilet to see if has returned to normal, if not try a couple of times more till it is all good.

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Use A Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

You will only need to use a vacuum cleaner if the above steps do not work. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner is water friendly unlike the regular ones in our homes. As you are not a professional, there is a high possibility you do not own one. You can buy one if you have the cash or just borrow it from a friend, relative or neighbor just for the task. To use it device, you will have to insert its nozzle into the toilet bowl, suck out water and then suck out the obstacle. Hopefully, this will help eradicate what is hindering the free flow of water.

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Use A Homemade Drain Cleaner

A homemade drain cleaner works just like the plunger as they both help unclog a toilet. If the problem is caused by too much waste, with the help of a drain cleaner, hot water, vinegar and baking soda, you should be able to unblock the drain. How do you go about this method? First, you need to boil two litres of water, add a cup of basking soda and two cups of vinegar, then you mix the combination.

This method is usually done in the evening when you are going to bed. Pour the mixture into the toilet bowl and let it do its magic overnight. Early in the morning, flush the toilet and the drain will be unclogged. If there is still a hindrance, use the plunger or plumbing snake to push out the obstacle.

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Use A Commercially Produced Product

At least one of the above methods or all should help solve your blocked drainage problem. In the case where it still does not work, you can call a plumber. Wait! Before calling a plumber, try one more time with a commercially produced product. Some of the best selling examples are Drano Max Gel Liquid Clog Remover, Liquid-Plumbr Hair Clog Eliminator, Bio-Clean Bacteria Septic Cleaner and Green Gobbler Drain Opening Pacs.

That last resort should be the icing on the cake to help unclog your toilet. Before you use any of the above mentioned examples or any other you purchase either in shores or online, do read all the instructions on the package. Some could be toxic and be detrimental to your health. Call your plumber if nothing works after all the hassle and tussle. You have done great by yourself.

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