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Who is Jae Park from Day 6? Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth

In this article, we will discover more about Korean music sensation Jae Park who made it into the finals of the SBS survival audition.

Who is Jae Park?

Jae Park is a talented songwriter, composer and singer who plied his trade in Korea and participated in ‘The KPop Star Finals’.

He gained worldwide attention after appearing as the lead vocalist of the rock band Day6.

He was diagnosed with a panic disorder which inspired him to embark on an advocacy for mental health and went on to establish a clothing line.

Jae Park Age: How old is Jae Park?

He is 29 years old.

Jae Park Height: How tall is Jae?

He is 1.52m

What is Jae Park’s nationality?

He is American-Korean.

Jae Park Early Life, Education

He had his first breath as a living being on the day of September 1992, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He wasn’t called Jae at first as while in Argentina with his family, his name was Brian. The family business was fashion.

He joined his mom, dad and siblings on a voyage to Canada where they lived there for several years. He used Jae as his name enforced by his mother, Park. They relocated to Cerritos in LA, California where he had his upbringing.

However, his music career began when he left the US to explore life and seek pasture in Korea.

He had his elementary education at Cerritos High School and proceeded to California State University where he studied Political Science.

Jae had lamented his inability to socialize with colleagues in school because he didn’t have friends in middle school and high school. He claimed he was mostly unwell and was looked down on by colleagues with almost everyone not willing to associate themselves with him.

His parents pestered him about his schoolwork and were quite tough. When his parents would sporadically stop by his college apartment to see how he was doing, he saw it as a sign that they were controlling every aspect of his life.

They invested a great deal of money in attempting to shape him into a businessman, lawyer, or accountant so that when he becomes a father, he will allow his child to make their own decisions as long as they take responsibility for their acts.

Who are Jae Park’s parents

His mother is Park Kyungnam but her dad’s name is not revealed. His parents reside in Korea, and he is a resident of California. He, therefore, makes time to pay them visits periodically.

Does Jae Park have siblings?

He is not the only child in his family as he has an elder sister.

Jae Park Net Worth: How rich is Jae Park?

His net worth is estimated at $1million

Jae Park relationship: Does Jae Park have a girlfriend?

Jae, who is 28 years old and unmarried, mentioned that his single status is not surprising, as he does not date due to his involvement in K-pop. Some fans are toxic and clingy and would be disappointed if they discovered that their favourite member of the group is in a relationship.

They might choose to depart from the fandom or criticize the partner, in the hopes of causing the couple to separate.

He sees himself as a pessimistic individual who tends to dwell on worst-case scenarios, but his circle of friends has positively influenced him to embrace the present moment. When he is feeling low, he prefers solitude over consolation to reflect on the situation and find solutions. He views himself as someone who solves problems.

Jae Park Career

While still in high school, he started the YouTube channel yellowpostitman in October 2008 and posted clips of himself performing covers and picking up the guitar. With over 3 million views on his videos, he had over 75,000 subscribers. In May 2012, he made his last post.

When K-pop was beginning to acquire popularity in the US, Jae became interested in it. He was enamoured with g.o.d.’s songs and recalled a time when, during a family vacation to Korea, he had wished to see the idol group perform live but had been denied entry due to his age. He sobbed uncontrollably since his uncle was only taking his elder sister, a fellow K-Pop enthusiast, to the event.

He also liked Shinee’s music, and he even posted a version of the boyband’s first song on YouTube, “Replay.” He once performed that song at a performance hosted by SM Town and came in second.

He enjoyed singing, but he never considered making singing his career. When he was a college student, he had big dreams of becoming a politician, working for the UN, or “lobbying for someone because he enjoyed arguing with folks.”

When he made the decision to participate in the inaugural season of “K-Pop Star,” when the “Big 3” entertainment firms in South Korea staged global tryouts to find emerging stars, his dream and his education took place in the background.

At first, his parents were cool with him travelling to Korea since they assumed it would just last a month or two, much like taking a holiday. But when he told his mother he was going to join JYPE, she was not happy about it since she thought he was wasting his life and that he should finish school and find a reliable career.

He participated in a structured training program run by JYPE, but he found it challenging to adapt to life in Korea due to the language and cultural barriers.

Although JYPE hadn’t yet completed the formation of the fresh ensemble, the two firms had a tradition whereby their trainees would compete in singing, dancing, and rapping before establishing a group to discover who was the best.


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