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Who is Cam Newton: Biography, Net Worth & More

Cam Newton is an American professional football player and the 2015 National Football League’s (NFL) Most Valuable Player award winner. The Atlanta-born native had an eleven season career in the NFL, where he spent 10 with the Carolina Panthers. The 2010 Heisman Trophy winner played collegiate football for Florida, Blinn and Auburn. He was drafted first round, first pick in the 2011 NFL draft by the Carolina Panthers.

Who is Cam Newton?

Cameron Jerrell Newton is the second of three sons birthed to retired NFL player Cecil Newton Sr. and Jackie Newton. He first opened his eyes on 11 May 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. His brothers are Cecil Newton and Caylin Newton.

Being born to a father who played for the 1983 Dallas Cowboys and 1984 Buffalo Bills in the National Football League, he took up his father’s profession early in his life. His brothers are also football players in different respects.

The Westlake High School in the Fulton, Georgia was where he had his education. For college, he switched between three schools in Florida, Blinn and Auburn where he finally graduated with a degree in Sociology.

Newton had an exceptional collegiate football seasons in the University of Florida, Blinn College and Auburn University. Throughout his years, his performances earned him numerous accolades, including Heisman Trophy winner, Consensus All-American and First-team All-SEC.

Newton was selected by the Carolina Panthers in the 1st round, first pick in the NFL draft. He penned a US$22 million contract and made his debut on September 1, 2011 ahead of seniors Derek Anderson and Clausen.

He played for the team from 2011-19, having his best season in 2015 where he was crown the NFL’s Most Valuable Player before trying out a new challenge in Greater Boston with the New England Patriots in 2020. After just a season, he returned to Carolina Panthers once again for the 2021 season.

What is Cam Newton’s Age, Height and Weight?

On the 11th day of May 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Cam Newton was born. As of May 2024, he is 35 years old. At 6 foot 6 inches tall (1.96 m), he has a weight of 111 kilograms (245 lbs).

Cam Newton Becomes New Face Of The NFL During MVP Season

Where does Cam Newton come from?

Cam Newton was born and bred in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States.

What is Cam Newton’s Nationality and Ethnicity?

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, United States, Cam Newton is an American citizen and one of African-American ethnicity.

What is Cam Newton’s Profession?

Cam Newton is a professional football player who last featured in the NFL as a quarterback for the Carolina Panthers in 2021.

Cam Newton claims NFL MVP after leading Panthers to 15-1 season -  CBSSports.com

How many teams has Cam Newton played for?

As a professional in the NFL, Cam Newton has only played for two teams; the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots.

Has Cam Newton won any NFL Titles?

American professional football player, Cam Newton has never won any NFL Titles since turning pro in 2011.

Has Cam Newton won NFL Most Valuable Player?

Cam Newton was a recipient of the 2015 NFL Most Valuable Player. He had a stellar year beginning with the preseason’s PFF’s best quarterback.

Cam Newton named NFL MVP

How many Awards has Cam Newton?

Cam Newton’s NFL career has been one many up and coming youngest would wish to emulate. All through his career to this day, he has been a recipient of many awards and accolades, including 2015 NFL Most Valuable Player , 2015 NFL Offensive Player of the Year, 3x Pro Bowl, and 2011 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Is Cam Newton a Hall of Famer?

Cam Newton is not yet a Hall of Famer. The American footballer has had a good all-round career with 2015 the highest and best year thus far. We can only wait and see if he earns the call-up to join the big guns in the hall of fame.

Is Cam Newton active on Social Media?

NFL star Cam Newton is active on social media. His great presence on Instagram and Twitter (X), has amounted to his earning endorsement deals from top brands and companies. He has a combined followership of 31.2M+ as of 2024.

What is Cam Newton’s Instagram?

Cam Newton’s Instagram account handle is (cameron1newton).

Who is Cam Newton married to?

Cam Newton is not yet married to anyone, despite having several relationships in the past. He has also fathered eight children through different women and rumored to be engaged to his girlfriend Jasmin Brown.

Cam Newton Shares Why He Didn't Marry Mother Of Four Of His Kids: 'Did She  Deserve Better? I Would Humbly Say Yes' | Essence

How many Children does Cam Newton have?

Cam Newton is the father of eight children. The NFL Quarterback had four kids with former girlfriend Kia Proctor. The other four came through an Instagram model and other relationships the athlete had.

Cam Newton welcomes his eighth child, first with girlfriend Jasmin Brown

Who are Cam Newton’s Parents?

Cecil Newton Sr. and Jackie Newton are the couple who brought Cam Newton to this world. His father, a former NFL played for the 1983 Dallas Cowboys and 1984 Buffalo Bills during his professional playing days.

Does Cam Newton have Siblings?

Cam Newton is the second of three children birthed to his parents. His brothers Cecil Newton and Caylin Newton are also footballers. Older brother played for Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay packers and the Baltimore Ravens. Caylin also played for the Howard Bison in the mid-2010s.

All About Cam Newton's Brothers, Caylin Newton and Cecil Newton Jr.

What is Cam Newton’s Net Worth?

According to several online sources, American professional football player Cam Newton has an estimated net worth of US$75 million in 2024. That figure does justice to how successful the quarterback has been in the NFL since turning professional in 2011. Endorsement deals, real estate, businesses and investments also account for his financial buoyancy.

How much does Cam Newton make annually?

Cam Newton has earned several pay cheque throughout his career. As a free agent presently, his last contract with the Carolina Panthers saw him earn an average salary of US$6 million.

How many Houses and Cars does Cam Newton have?

As per reports, Cam Newton has over the years made several real estate acquisitions. Currently living in Atlanta with his family, the free agent has been the owner and occupant houses in Charlotte. The athlete is a fan of classic and modern-day automobile. He owns several brands including his favorite customized 1970 Oldsmobile 442 Cutlass, Ferrari F12, Rolls Royce Wrath and a Chevrolet Silverado.

Cam Newton House: These Pics of His Charlotte Condo are Shocking
Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton's customized muscle car is a head-turner -  ESPN - Carolina Panthers Blog- ESPN

Where does Cam Newton live presently?

Presently, Cam Newton resides in his Atlanta mansion with his lovely family.

How many Investments has Cam Newton made?

Former Carolina Panthers Quarterback, Cam Newton has made several strides in investing his wealth. He has invested in real estate, entertainment and hospitality. He owns properties in Charlotte, Atlanta and Beverly Hills. Newton is also the owner of Iconic Saga Productions and the co-owner of “Fellaship”, a cigar bar and lounge in Atlanta.

How many Businesses does Cam Newton own?

Despite having so much success in the NFL and taking home huge pay cheques, Cam Newton has not stopped there. He has become a business person owning ventures is the entertainment industry (Iconic Saga Productions), hospitality (“Fellaship”), a restaurant and cigar lounge in Atlanta.

Details on Cam Newton's Fellaship in Atlanta

How many Companies and Brands has Cam Newton endorsed?

The 2015 NFL Most Valuable Player, Cam Newton has penned endorsement deals with some of the top brands and companies in the United States. Amongst them are Under Armour, Beats by Dre, Electronic Arts, Drakkar Essence Cologne and Dannon’s Oikos brand Greek Yoghurt which he unfortunately lost due to reported ‘sexist’ remark.

Cam Newton is reportedly the new face of Drakkar Essence cologne
Carolina Panthers' Cam Newton loses Dannon endorsement deal amid backlash  over 'sexist' remark - Charlotte Business Journal

Does Cam Newton donate to Charity?

Cam Newton is known for his profound love towards charity. Over a decade ago since he founded the Cam Newton Foundation Inc., several charities, schools and non-profit organizations have received a share in excess of US$5 million in donations.

Cam Newton wins WPMOY Charity Challenge, $25K towards his foundation

How many Philanthropic Works has Cam Newton supported?

Cam Newton has a strong will to seeing the dreams of the less and underprivileged come to light. In view of this and his love to giving back to the society, the NFL player established the Cam Newton Foundation, a non-profit organization in Charlotte and Atlanta with the theme “Every 1 Matters”.

One such noticeable act of generosity is Cam Newton 7 on 7 camp held in Prattville to give young local males the opportunity to play football and have the best experience there is. Another is the athlete providing Christmas cheer to 2000 children and adults at the Salvation Army Center of Hope and three schools in Charlotte.

Photos: Cam Newton Foundation 7-on-7
Cam Newton has a passion for helping kids and his endorsers are buying in -  NFL - ESPN

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