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How to Make Extra Money: Side Jobs that you can earn from

Do you know that majority of people living in America who are well-to-do actually do have side jobs?

The economical stress and fluctuations of goods and services which impact livings conditions have compelled many to find side jobs whilst keeping their main or actual jobs just to live above water.

If you are really looking forward to living a life of comfort and little stress, you may want to consider adding one or two extra jobs to your profession and in this article, I share with you some ideas you can consider if you want to make that extra revenue.

Side Jobs that can give you additional money

Ride Share Driver

This job is for the one who can actually switch free times during work or have a considerable amount of time in the evening or jobs that run shifts.

It involves using a car whether a personal car or someone’s else car if an arrangement can be made between parties.

You also need to have a smartphone as it helps for navigation and client accessibility.

Basically, being a ride-share driver entails signing up with a transport company such as Uber, Yango, Lyft, Bolt etc. and after closing from your main job for the day, you continue off with providing transportation services for people by driving them to their desired destinations.

On average, people in this business could earn about $745 weekly.

For this job, you don’t need any formal education or professional certificate. All that is needed is a driver’s license.

Food Delivery Driver

Times are changing and the need to make the best out of the day has forced people to augment their work schedules leaving little or no space to practically go out for lunch.

This has necessitated the services of a delivery personnel who connects the cook, food vendor or restaurant to the customer.

This line of work has indeed generated employment for many because of the service it provides.

The average earning for this job is $20 per hour and you don’t need any educational qualification to undertake it.

Elsewhere they are referred to as dispatch riders who deliver the food with the use of motorcycles. The pressure of having to meet orders or requests by customers as time is of the utmost importance is one of the challenges of this job.

Online Writer

A job you may want to consider if you want to earn that extra money to take care of your extra expenses is online writing.

This job requires some skill, a certain level of education and passion as it much so has to do with creativity and intelligence.

One must be expressive and articulate to be able to thrive in this business and where you would preferably perform this activity is writing online magazines, news blogs, proofreading reports, writing stories and others.

There are several blogs online that are willing to hire writers for their services on a contract basis. The remuneration for an online writer averagely is about $25 per hour.

Normally, before you are recruited for this job, you are required to submits previous work you have done in order to encourage employee confidence.

Graphic Designer

You can certainly use your design abilities to make some additional money if they are listed on your resume.

Going deeper into this area of specialization, think about becoming an expert in a particular area of design, like logo design. Numerous websites that provide writing jobs on the internet also list graphic design freelancing opportunities.

In order to build a long-lasting freelance graphic design firm, you should focus on building a strong internet presence, a superb design portfolio, and consistent clientele.

The items needed for this work are a laptop and the required software. With software like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Canva, you can design at a time of your convenience and from any location.

Designer at work

Some of the designs include event flyers, brand logos, cover art, etc.

Although a higher educational background is needed, one must have some considerable knowledge of arts and knowledge in computer and information technology.

It is also instructive to note that people who are desirous of this side hustle must be very creative and love to have fun with images and art.

Online Sales and Marketing

Persons who may have very little time on their hands may have to look closely into this field as it presents a wide range of flexibility.

Online sales and marketing has become one of the most viable ventures for individuals across the world as all that is needed is a smartphone, social media and goods and services to advertise.

It may start with selling your own items by putting them on social media and getting paid if interested buyers patronize them.

You can also advertise goods and services for brands and get a commission. Some online market stores include Amazon, and eBay, among others.

It’s a lucrative business to do and requires no educational qualification.


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