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Jacklyn Zeman Age, Husband, Net Worth, Kids, Career, Death

Jacklyn Zeman is an accomplished actress of American heritage who gained notoriety for appearing in “General Hospital”.

In this piece, we shared significant details about her personal and professional life so read further to know more.

Who is Jacklyn Zeman?

Jacklyn Zeman is an American actress famous for starring in “General Hospital”.

She was also featured in the hit television series, “One Life to Live” which made her the talk of town in the United States.

Jacklyn Zeman Age: How old is Jacklyn Zeman?

She was 70 years old when she died.

Jacklyn Zeman Early Life, Bio, Education

Eaglewood, New Jersey is the place where Jacklyn breathed for the first time after she was born on March 6, 1953.

In her formative years, she spent them in a Jewish family in New Jersey and went to New York University where she had her tertiary education whilst being funded by a dance scholarship.

She was raised in a Jewish way as she lived with a Jewish family.

As time moved on, her family relocated to Bergenfield, New Jersey and there she enrolled at Bergenfield High School which had more than a thousand students enrolled.

We are told in our research that in the aforementioned educational institution which was a public school, the student-to-teacher ratio was 12.4:1.

By the time she was fully done with her high school education, she was 15 years old.

She then embarked on a study program at New York University that was funded by a dance scholarship scheme whose alumni include presidents of states, members of the royal family, media personalities, CEOs, physicians, etc.

She didn’t start acting right away after finishing her education; instead, she became a Playboy Bunny and worked mostly at the Playboy Club.

Jacklyn Zeman Parents

Zeman comes from a decent home and she is the daughter of a magazine supervisor and a systems engineer.

 Her mother is Rita Zeman-Rohlman and her father is Richard S. Zeman.

Jacklyn Zeman Net Worth: How rich is Jacklyn Zeman?

She has made a fortune from her acting career as it has been lucrative over the years since she went professional with it.

It is projected that she has a net worth of $ 5 million.

Because of her exceptional acting prowess, she is a sought-after actress and her acting job accounts for her financial achievements.

She has also been signed to very well-known brands in the United States where she promotes and advertises their products and services because of how influential she is.

Jacklyn Zeman Husband: Who was Jacklyn Zeman married to?

Jacklyn has undergone three marriages which was obviously sweet but turned sour at some point leading to its dissolution.

He first got married to Murray Kaufman, a popular Disc Jockey who was also affectionately called Murray the K.

In the 1950s and 1970s, Murray was the go-to person when entertainment was concerned as he touted himself as the 5th Beatle.

Their union spanned from 1979 to 1981.

Exactly 4 years after she split from Murray, Jacklyn went on to tie the knot with Steve Gribbin but their marriage did not grow strong as it fell on the rocks just about 12 months after.

The determined Jacklyn did not give up on marriage as she married again for the third time to Glenn Gorden, a businessman and their union began from 1988 to 2997.

She did not marry until she gave her last breath in 2023.

How many children does Jacklyn Zeman have?

Her children are Cassidy Zee Gorden and Lacey Rose Gorden and she had them with Glenn Gorden.

Jacklyn Zeman Career

Zeman started her acting career in 1976, debuting as Lana McClain in the soap opera “One Life to Live”.

The soap opera was broadcast on ABC for 43 years, focusing on the Lord family and their relationships. She stayed on the show and was very consistent for a year, and also made a guest appearance on the CBS soap opera “The Edge of Night” around the same time.

The show was highly popular during its time, with many well-known movie lovers and television series enthusiasts expressing their love for the series.

In 1977, she landed one of her most significant parts, being chosen to play Bobbie Spencer in “General Hospital”, a role she would resonate with throughout the majority of her professional life.

The medical drama has the Guinness World Record for being the longest-running American soap opera currently in production, second only to “Guiding Light” in US TV history. It is broadcast on the ABC network and has won the most Daytime Emmy Awards for Most Outstanding Drama Series.

The series takes place in a make-believe city hospital and eventually broadens its narrative to centre around two main families.

Jacklyn portrayed Bobbie Spencer from 1977 until 2010, then took a hiatus for three years; she came back to the soap in 2013 and has remained on the show since. She has only done a few acting projects, mostly in soap operas, with the standout being “National Lampoon’s Class Reunion” from the 1980s.

Jacklyn Zeman’s cause of death: How did she die?

She died on May 9, 2023, after suffering from Cancer for a while.


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