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When is EFT Releasing 

It’s been years since Escape from Tarkov was released to the general public as a closed beta game. With so many improvements already implemented, how long do players have to wait before the game is fully released?  

Escape from Tarkov has been out in closed beta testing since 2017 and has been fully available to players who purchased the game. With so many recent major updates and reworks, many gamers wonder when the hardcore tactical FPS will launch. Unfortunately, there are no official announcements regarding the date, so players are stuck grinding Tarkov items in beta. 

No Full Release Date Yet 

Despite the game being out for almost six years, the devs have yet to announce an official date for the EFT’s full release. This fact likely means that Escape from Tarkov will remain “unfinished” for a considerable time. However, it was mentioned that the game is nearly close to getting a complete launch for people with Tarkov accounts

In some of the recent episodes of TarkovTV, Director Nikita Buyanov mentioned that the game is approaching the stage where a full release is possible. However, Buyanov has been careful not to note any actual dates, so it might take some time before we get the launch. There could be several more wipes before it takes place. 

What Should Players Expect from Tarkov’s Full Release? 

When games leave close beta to full launch, they usually feature several significant changes that would affect some of the major systems in-game. Tarkov will probably make heavy reworks and tweaks on several core aspects of the game. These include the task system, flea market, and hideout system.  

The task system is one of the core features in Tarkov that most players engage in. Quests provide various rewards and unlockable things. Many players consider this system as one of the primary methods in progressing in the game. However, the current condition of the task system might need to be a better fit for the game when it fully launches.  

Devs might remove the task feature altogether or implement major reworks that would make it essentially different. Overhauling the task system will bring a more open experience for players.  Instead of being repeatable, these quests might be one-time instances and focus more on the story. 

Another feature that might be reworked entirely is the flea market. The in-game trading has been a source of many concerns as wares exchanged here can cause unbalanced gameplay. The flea market’s list of banned items has been steadily increasing as more and more weapons and things are prohibited from trading. Due to the balancing issues caused by trading, it will probably get overhauled entirely. 

The hideout system could also be reworked. Devs have mentioned further improving the hideout and adding more utilities to it. These upgrades could include a gym where players can strengthen their characters. The new facilities will aim to improve specific stats, which will tremendously affect your gameplay. 

Most of these are just speculations since there hasn’t been any in-depth discussion of the potential full release. The only thing we are sure of is that various core aspects of the game will get significant reworks, and most bugs and glitches will be fixed.  

Where to Get Updates for Escape from Tarkov? 

Battlestate Games is transparent about making changes to the game and creating upcoming content. Outside of patch notes and social media posts, some of their announcements come from TarkovTV. These broadcasts usually last an hour or more and feature the latest updates. Any news about Wipes and other reworks would also be featured in some episodes.  

If you are waiting for further details about the full launch of EFT, it is a safe bet to stay tuned for any new broadcasts on TarkovTV. Checking the game’s official social media pages and website is also a good way of ensuring you are up to date.

What To Do in the Meantime? 

Since we don’t have clear information about the full release, players should play Tarkov as they usually do. The next wipe will not be coming for several months, so gamers have all the time to gather Tarkov items and get stronger. Make sure to stay updated for any relevant news regarding Escape from Tarkov.

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