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Combat Achievements Are Getting An Expansion

Here’s all you need to know about how Jagex plans to expand the rewards for combat achievements.

The combat achievements represent sets of tasks explicitly focused on combat. They were inspired by the achievement diaries but are directly and exclusively linked to what you can do in combat with specific monsters and bosses. One of the enjoyable rewards you can currently get from combat achievements is an increased rate of dropping clue scrolls which means that you’ll get the chance to obtain OSRS GP more often, provided that you solve the clue steps and get the reward caskets. Because clue scrolls’ reward caskets can contain valuable loot worth millions and millions of OSRS gold, such as the ranger’s boots worth about 30 million gold, many players prioritize solving the clue scroll as soon as they get one.

Current Rewards

While the current rewards are a nice extra, they are not as motivating as the achievement diaries, for example, which can bring you a lot of OSRS GP and quality-of-life upgrades without too much direct effort from your side. The only way you’ll get some OSRS gold from the combat achievements is through the increased clue scroll drop rate.

When the combat achievements were released over a year ago, their completion rewarded the first to complete each of the six tiers of combat achievements. This created a high-level motivation for many players to pursue, but the current rewards in the reward system are not enough to get players to chase solving all the tasks in one tier actively. Players instead get the combat achievements tasks completed in their natural journey as a secondary objective. For example, killing a Wyrm on a slayer task will complete a task in your combat achievements, but completing your slayer task will be your primary objective.

Upcoming Changes

The XP lamps and items you’re getting from the combat achievements are also rather unattractive as the effort to complete a full set of tasks, which can currently have up to 112 tasks for the elite tier. Moreover, the lower number of tasks for lower tiers is enormous compared to the average of ten tasks per achievement diary tier. This is why Jagex has decided to rethink the rewards and is even considering rethinking the whole reward system for the combat achievements if the player base agrees to this in the follow-up poll.

One consideration is making the combat achievements more different from the achievement diaries and more like the leagues’ points-based reward system, where a certain number of points would be allotted to every task and granted to the player upon completing the task. This could be highly beneficial for motivating the players.

Jagex is also speaking about introducing new rewards. After the first set of rewards had given a cosmetic upgrade for the dragon hunter crossbow, melee users felt a bit left out, so Jagex is proposing a cosmetic upgrade for the dragon hunter lance.

Like A Boss Bonus

Like a boss is one of the current rewards for combat achievements, and it will modify your boss slayer task maximum count according to the tier of combat achievements you have completed to up to 50 boss KC per task. With the new rewards, you can get up to 65 boss KC needed per task.

God Wars Dungeon

To enter any boss room within the god wars dungeon, you will need a specific amount of KC of specific god monsters. The achievement diary completion currently modifies this, but Jagex wants to take things one step further and lower the amount to just 15 kc.

Pest Control

The Pest Control minigame is a multiplayer combat minigame where you’ll need to assist the void knights in defending against various pests by killing them and the portals they use to enter the island where the minigame takes place. Throughout each round of the minigame, you will need to keep your activity bar up. At the end of the round, you will be awarded points depending on the difficulty tier you chose when you entered the minigame. The grind to get pest control points is necessary for the progression of all accounts, as you can obtain some handy untradeable items that represent an important milestone: the void and elite void gear. With the new rewards on the combat achievements, you might get even more points per round of pest control: one more for the easy tier, two more for the medium tier, and three additional points per round with the hard tier completed.

This could be a helpful quality of life improvement and represent a great trade-off if you want more varied activities. You complete the easy tier of the combat achievements before the elite void grind, and even better with the medium and hard tiers if you are trying to obtain additional pieces.


Two other possible rewards directly impact your bossing experience when going for famous bosses such as Barrows or the God Wars Dungeon bosses. The medium diary will help you save up on your prayer pots and use less OSRS GP. This is because the achievement item, Ghommal’s Hilt, when equipped, will remove the prayer-draining effect. The other potential reward is how much gold players with OSRS accounts for sale you will need to pay to create private instances of the God Wars Dungeon Bosses, and this can also be helpful, especially if you plan on going for long grinds.

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