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Top 10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes (Easy, Safe & Real)

If I was taking bets, I would say the last part of this post’s title is why you’re here.

Of course, this is not the first time you’re seeing a post with the title ‘best sites to buy Instagram likes.’

But the part – Safe & Real – is probably not something you’re used to. So, curiosity got the better of you, and now you want to know those sites selling safe & Real Instagram likes.

Well, here they are:

  1. Followers.io
  2. Stormlikes.net
  3. Likes.io
  4. Social-Viral.com
  5. Activeig.com
  6. Qubeviews.com
  7. Wbix.com
  8. Smmkark.com
  9. Paysocialmedia.com
  10. Leoboost.com

Best sites to buy Instagram likes (Safe & Real)

Since you’re here to learn about those real and safe sites to buy likes for Instagram, we’re going to approach the description of these sites in a unique way.

We’re going to show you what makes each of these ‘get likes on Instagram’ providers safe and why we think they’re real.

So, let’s start with Followers.io.


Followers.io is more or less an Instagram growth company. You come here to set goals, which the company experts help you achieve. If you come here to buy likes on Instagram, you’ll get whatever number you choose. And not just that. You’ll also be able to verify the authenticity of the profiles behind the likes you get.

How is Followers.io real?

When you buy Instagram views, likes, or followers on Followers.io, you’ll be assigned an account manager. You can talk to this person directly anytime you want if you have any questions or if you’re not satisfied with any aspect of the process.

How you get likes is that your account manager uses Instagram automation to target the right accounts and find the right audience for your niche. Thus creating a relationship between you and people that like your type of content.

How is Followers.io safe?

Forget about being banned; when you buy Instagram likes from Followers.io, such a thing can never happen. In their words, “There are no rules against social media marketing, which is the service we are offering.”

Buy Instagram Likes on Followers.io


Those who buy likes for Instagram regularly know Stormlikes.

The company has some of the best ‘buy Instagram likes’ offerings in the market. Talk about affordable pricing plans and package flexibility. With just $2.99, you can buy Instagram likes up to 100 on Stormlikes. Not to mention you also have the opportunity to split the likes on multiple pictures.

These are just a few highlights of the service.

Is Stormlikes.net real?

Stormlikes.net has been in business for approximately 10 years (one decade). And in that time, they’ve serviced 15,000 customers looking to buy Instagram likes, buy Instagram views, or buy followers on Instagram. They’ve also managed to bag a 4.9/5.0 rating from 3000 reviews on major review platforms.

Tell me, does a company get any more real than that?

Is Stormlikes.net safe?

Stormlikes requires no password or account details are required to supply likes. You buy Instagram likes or buy Instagram views strictly based on a cutting-edge technology.

So, yes, they’re safe.


You can buy Instagram likes, buy Instagram views, or buy followers on Instagram here on Likes.io. The company offers every Instagram promo service you need to catapult your brand to glory.

That said, Likes.io’s key talking point is its smart targeting and unique packages. By ‘smart targeting,’ we mean Likes.io helps you get likes on Instagram from anywhere you tell them. And by ‘unique packages,’ we’re referring to the option to choose between high-quality Instagram likes and premium Instagram likes.

Is likes.io real?

To get likes on Instagram, Likes.io uses location, hashtags, and demographics to target your audience. Generally speaking, those are the three basic strategies everyone uses to get likes on Instagram. The only difference here is that Likes.io uses cutting-edge technology to get the job done quickly.

Is Likes.io safe?

Having helped thousands of clients buy likes for Instagram, Likes.io remains one of the few companies in the industry that have never recorded an account ban for a client.


Social-Viral.com is as old as Instagram itself. And that longevity is a testament to its consistent delivery of fantastic services.

As you can imagine, Social-Viral delivers the highest quality of likes, views, and followers. If you buy Instagram likes from them, you can be confident that your online popularity will be boosted.

Is Social-Viral real?

Social-Viral is so confident in the quality of its services that it promises a 100% refund guarantee if any customer isn’t satisfied with what they got.

Does it get any realer than that?

Is Social-Viral safe?

No password. No login details are required. 24/7 customer service availability. And a 4.8/5.0 star from over 2,000 reviews.


How do I know Activeig.com is real?

Activeig.com offers real Instagram Likes from real people. You can tell by verifying the identities of the profiles behind the likes you buy.

How do I know Activeig.com is safe?

Because they don’t request your password. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee.


How do I know Qubeviews.com is real?

Qubeviews has an extensive network of users, which is constantly growing. When you buy Instagram likes from them, they show your post to their network of Instagrammers, who will then drop a like for you.

How do I know Qubeviews.com is safe?

So far, over 10k+ customers have patronized Qubeviews.com to buy followers for Instagram, buy likes for Instagram, and buy views for Instagram.


How do I know Wbix.com is real?

Because you get real likes from real people. Place an order today to find out.

How do I know Wbix.com is safe?

Because they only use those Instagram promotional techniques approved by Instagram itself.


How do I know Wbix.com is real?

They promise to deliver your likes in less than 10 minutes.

How do I know Wbix.com is safe?

If you don’t get a satisfactory delivery in less than 10 minutes, you have an opportunity to ask for a refund. Smmkart.com has a money-back guarantee.


How do I know Paysocialmedia.com is real?

Paysocialmedia.com’s service is so genuine that they even offer custom-specific packages. For example, you can buy Instagram likes from any specific group in the world, like Arabs, Brazilians, Africans, etc.

How do I know Paysocialmedia.com is safe?

Money-back guarantee.


How do I know Leoboost.com is real?

LeoBoost promises speedy delivery on real likes from authentic profiles for your Instagram account.

How do I know Leoboost.com is safe?

Leoboost.com uses secure technologies such as SSL, PCI, Recaptcha, and more to ensure your safety on its platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about buying Instagram likes

  1. Is it legal to buy Instagram likes?

Absolutely. Buying Instagram likes is a legal thing to do, as long as you’re buying from a reputed provider.

  • Where can I buy Instagram likes?

Some of the best sites to buy Instagram likes include Stormlikes.net, Likes.io, Followers.io, Social-Viral.com, and others listed here.

  • Should I buy Instagram followers or likes?

It’s best to buy both. You don’t need to choose between buying Instagram followers and likes. When you buy Instagram likes and followers, you give your profile a shot at greatness.


Buying Instagram likes is a good way to promote your brand. Not only does it boost your popularity on the platform, but it also gives your profile an algorithm boost. That is, it helps you get on the good side of the Instagram algorithm – thus appearing regularly in users’ feeds.

Choose from any of the services listed here to get started today.

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