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Jadon Sancho is the most valuable young player, according to bookmaker 1xbet – online betting company

The player market is crazy overvalued at this moment, with many transfers going over 100€ Million — and since most of these players are still very young, we can only wonder how strong they must be mentally to take on this immense pressure. The bookmaker 1xbet — online betting company — made an evaluation of value according to CIES Football Observatory, and the top 20 of the most valuable players born after 2000 is as follows:

  • in the first place we have Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho;
  • in second place comes Erlind Haaland, also playing for Borussia;
  • Rodrigo Goes and Vinicius Jr. come in third and fourth place, respectively;
  • and at the top fifth is Callum Hudson-Odoi, who plays for Chelsea.

These are, according to CIES, the five most valuable players in the world born after 2000. There are lots of surprises in this study, and we can’t wait for bookmaker 1xbet – online betting company to start putting bets on how far these kids are going to go!

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For once, it seems wrong to call them kids, as they are clearly, as aforementioned, handling the pressure incredibly well for such a tender age. Ansu Fati, for example, plays for FC Barcelona and he is not even 18 at this point! That’s how fast the football world has been developing. Don’t forget you can watch football online on 1xbet site, and in particular the games featuring these young talents.

We might, in the future, see some astronomical transfers between the rich clubs regarding the future of these athletes. The younger generation seems to already have found its substitutes for Ronaldo and Messi, when the time comes for these two to put their boots up. 

In any case, we sure are set for an impressive future generation, and it’s very likely that some of the stupendous records Ronaldo and Messi put up will be broken in the next years. We actually rate some of these kids very high, such as Haaland or Sancho, and it’s great to see them develop into the top-flight European Leagues, and we can’t wait to watch football online on 1xbet site.

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It’s only natural that, given these great talents we now have on our leagues, one would want to keep with them and see where they’re headed next. Well, that’s exactly what 1xbet : watch sport live online provides for all its bettors online!

Never you will miss another game by Jadon Sancho or Erling Haaland, as they will play week in week out at Borussia Dortmund. The season is not yet over and there are lots of trophies for the clubs to win. In this particular case, Borussia got unfortunately eliminated by RB Leipzig, and thus the European dream of the two wunderkinds is already done.

On the other hand, there’s plenty of other very talented athletes playing at other European clubs, such as Chelsea, or Manchester City, or even smaller ones like Everton and Stade Rennais. This goes to show that many clubs are looking for young talent and they’re actually finding it among other leagues and countries. In any case, there’s 1xbet : watch sport live online as a help for you to be able to watch your favorite sport and players whenever and wherever — here’s to hoping we’ll see you there soon!

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