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The Top 10 Unusual Hobbies of Famous People

Being in the limelight brings more expectations from fans and followers across the globe. Whether it is a star actor, athlete, singer, or just any famous figure, myriads of people create a predefined matrix of interest and hobbies for celebs. Unfortunately, we forget that these celebrities are human after all and can have weird tastes! 

Of course, many celebs are known for hobbies like playing golf, singing, spearfishing, high-end shopping and more. Well, there are others who find happiness in weird hobbies. What makes it more interesting is that several have let their secret hobbies out of the bag. Yes, some of the weird hobbies are in the public domain, and they don’t shy away from them. Here are a few unusual hobbies of famous people. 

  1. Paris Hilton-Catching Frogs

Paris Hilton, the celebrated American media personality, singer, actress, model, DJ, and businesswoman, is the last person you would expect to hunt frogs. In an interview with The Sun, Hilton shocked the world when he publicly opened up on her love of frog hunting. She revealed how she goes catching frogs in her couple of ranches and the island she owns. It sounds weird that Paris Hilton catches frogs, puts them in a bucket, and then lets them go! The good thing is, she never hurt those amphibians. 

2. Mila Kunis- World of Warcraft Game

Playing games is not a weird hobby, after all. While some love playing a good game, Mila Kunis’ choice is weird. The American Actress and producer was at some point addicted to playing the World of Warcraft game. She admitted on the Jimmy Kimmel Show that she would play the computer game with her ex-boyfriend, Macaulay Culkin. When obsession becomes real, Mila Kunis says she had to force herself to quit the addictive game. 

3. Nicole Kidman- Skydiving

The American-Australian actress is not without surprises. Considering her age and plenty of hobbies to choose from, you can’t believe Nicole Kidman is a licensed skydiver! Height is scary, especially to women. Apparently, Nicole Kidman is a huge fan. She paints diving as the closest thing to flying and encourages other women to subscribe to skydiving. 

4. Beyoncé- Bee Hiving 

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Beyoncé is undoubtedly a celebrated singer and actress who colored the music industry with a great collection of music and action. While everything about her in the media industry marries the fans’ expectations, her hobby remains weird. Who even expected honey-making to make into the list of Beyoncé’s hobbies?  In a recent interview with British Vogue, Beyonce says she has two beehives that have existed for a while. The numerous health benefits of honey dragged her into beekeeping. She even makes hundreds of jars of honey annually from the over 80000 bees she keeps. 

5. Taylor Swift- Making Snow Globes

If you are a staunch follower of Taylor Swift, perhaps you have seen her post a collection of homemade snow globes. One memorable post is “Christmas in a jar, with glitter”.   She never hides her love for the craft, a force that propels her to create snow globes during her downtime, especially in the holiday season. Some sources say she saw it on Pinterest. It is the genesis of her love for snow globes!

6. Angelina Jolie-Daggers

Angelino Jolie is not a new name in the weird world of interests. First, her admission that she wanted to become a funeral home director explains something about her daring world. She never stops there either. In an interview with W magazine, the Hollywood star revealed her love for daggers. She says she inherited this hobby from her mother and is now passing it on to her son Maddox.  

7. Nick Offerman. the Woodworker

Nick Offerman is an American actor, writer, comedian, and producer. His life away from the stage is different and weird. Nick Offerman is a terrific woodworker. It is not just skills that he possesses but also a 15-year-old woodworking shop.  His book titled “Good Clean Fun” gives users an insight into basic woodworking skills and his workshop. 

8. Johnny Depp- Plays with Barbie Dolls

It is unusual for a man to love playing with Barbie dolls. This might be true until you meet Johnny Depp. The Hollywood star, widely known for his role in the “Pirates of the Caribbean”, collects and plays with Barbie dolls. 

9. Brad Pitt- Pottery

When Brad Pitt is not on the stage or doing anything in the entertainment industry, he loves doing basic woodworking. At times, he loves  making pottery. Yes, Pottery is his hobby and can play around with sculptures into the odd hours alongside his pal Leonardo Dicaprio. 

10. Katy Perry-Collecting Hair!

The Wrecking Ball and Dark Horse singer has undoubtedly lit the entertainment industry. While everything around her is pretty normal, her hobby is creepy. During a fan Q&A, she admitted to collecting and keeping other celebrities’ hair. 

Wrap up

These are just a few celebs who have some unusual tastes. Now you know that celebrities are only human and also do the things we do. Some even do weirder stuff!

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