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10 Sneaky Hacks Celebs Use to Make Themselves Look Better in Photos

When examining the social media feed of celebrities, you will hardly find unflattering photos. Most often, the pictures look impeccable. Even if they take a make-up-free selfie, it will have a top-notch look. Modern celebrities know how to engage the audience. They use special tricks to make their pictures look flawless.

Although there are useful hacks related to posing and light, decent photo editing software plays an important role when it comes to image enhancement. Read on to find out how to produce stunning pictures to make your social media profile pop.

Which Photo Editing Tools to Use to Improve Your Photos?

There is a rich array of before/after pictures on Pinterest that demonstrate how celebrities (or photo retouchers) enhance pictures using skin retouching and other toolsThe modern market offers multiple software options that can bring any shot to the notch. Movavi photo editing software is one of the most powerful tools currently available in the industry. It employs numerous useful features that help give an image a special feel. Convenient exporting options, appealing filters, stickers – these are just a few perks of this program.

Those who don’t want to deal with the installation process can use a web-based solution. BeFunky allows you to tweak the pictures and give them a professional look. Besides, it is possible to create collages and designs. With completely adjustable parameters, every user can create unique effects.

Top 10 Tips Celebs Use to Produce Jaw-Dropping Pics

There is no need to be a professional photographer to create stunning pictures. Having these useful hacks at hand, you will make the most out of your photographic skills. Follow the expert tips and make your images shine in a new way.

1. Set Up the Lighting

Believe it or not, but the lighting is essential for taking a winning picture. The properly-set light can help eliminate facial blemishes, visually smoothen skin and give it natural tones. Besides, the right light helps facilitate the process of photo retouching. If you don’t have a professional lighting setup at hand, you can rely on natural light. In this case, try to shoot outdoors or near the window. It will allow you to eliminate unnecessary shadows and contrasts.  

2. Use the Right Angle

Different celebrities have different “flattering angles.” You can also find yours. When taking a selfie, make sure you are holding a smartphone above your eye level. Thus, you will make your face look slimmer. The majority of celebrities know that it is better not to hold their camera below the chin line. Usually, the stars use their left side to showcase their best features.

3. Play With Different Poses When You Are Standing

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It is advisable to take pictures when you are standing rather than sitting. It will give you a more flattering posture and lengthen your body. Moreover, you can experiment with different poses and choose the one that works for you.

4. Don’t use a distractive background

Avoid using a cluttered background since it can distract the viewers’ attention from the main subject of the photo – you. If the background contains too many unwanted elements, you can fix this issue with the image editing software. Aside from removing unnecessary objects, you can blur the background. Thus, it is possible to make the subject stand out in the photo.

5. Learn How to Smile

When celebrities smile in front of the camera, they try to stick their tongue to the top of the mouth. They seal the lips and make teeth rested slightly apart. This will help to shape the jawline and enhance the cheekbones.

6. Use a Good Photo Editing App or Hire a Specialist

Most often, celebrities approach a photo retouching specialist to improve their pictures. If you don’t have enough skills in image editing, you can always address a dedicated agency. But if you want to start out, choose user-friendly software.  In this case, Fotor will be a real help. Besides an easy-to-use interface, it has numerous features suitable for beginners. Changing the background, basic effects, edit adjustments, and stickers are just a few of them.

7. Make sure your hands are busy

Take a book, put your hand in a pocket, or play with your hair. These are just some options for how to make your hands busy. See how confident celebrities appear in their pictures when they know that they have a perfect posture. Let your imagination run wild and opt for the most winning pose.  

8. Squinting

How To Look Good In Photos

It is the most widely-used trick among models. Squinting will make you appear more flirty and womanlike. All you need is to look at the lens with partially closed eyes and slightly curve your lips. Your cheekbones will look elevated, which makes your face fresher and younger. Your facial features will appear more defined as well.

9. Use a Lip Purse

Duck lips are outdated and look rather weird. Instead of them, stars often use pursed lips. They emulate slight, almost unnoticeable, puckering or rounding of the lips. Thus, you can create an appealing facial pose and make your lips visually larger. You can also get inspired by the photos of celebrities taken during Terry Pheto’s birthday party. See how natural-looking their poses are.

10. Look away from the camera

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When you avert your gaze from the camera rather than looking at it directly, you can create a more mysterious look. Such a pose may give a picture a lifelike feel and make the story untold. The viewers will probably ponder what you are focusing on.


Taking a spectacular shot may seem a real challenge, especially if you are an amateur. Nevertheless, with these tips and hacks, you will easily adjust a pose and choose the most flattering angle. Once you capture the right moment, you can tweak your shot with photo editing software. If you apply all these hacks, your social media feed will certainly stand out from the crowd.

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