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Who is Nedim Bajrami? Bio, Net Worth, Euros and More

Nedim Bajrami is an Albanian professional footballer who currently plays as a winger or attacking midfielder for Italian Serie B side Sassuolo. The Switzerland-born Albanian national began his youth football career with the Grasshoppers before being side by Italian club Empoli in the Winter of 2017.

Who is Nedim Bajrami?

On 28 February, 1999, Albanian parents residing in Zürich, Switzerland welcomed a child, a son they named Nedim Bajrami. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about his family, early childhood, educational background and other details.

He began his footballing career in Switzerland, where his raw talent was honed in Zürich by the Grasshoppers. In February 2017, he was signed by Grasshoppers, making his debut in a 1-0 loss to FC Thun that same month.

Bajrami moved to Empoli on loan in August 2019 a few days before the 2019/20 season began. There was an option to buy in the clause so the team triggered and acquired his services permanently in 2020. He spent three years before being shipped on loan to Sassuolo. After the loan spell ended, Sassuolo signed him to a permanent deal.

Bajrami is currently at the 2024 Euros with his national side Albanian. In their opening match against Italian, he scored a spectacular goal in just 23 seconds to take the lead for his team. Despite losing 2-1 on the night, the winger went home rejoicing as he has scored the fastest goal in Euros history thus far.

What is Nedim Bajrami’s Age, Height and Weight?

On February 28, 1999, Nedim Bajrami was born to his parents in Switzerland. Presently, he is 25 years old, standing at 5 foot 11 inches (1.81 m) and weighing in at 68 kilograms (149.9 lbs).

What is Nedim Bajrami’s Ethnicity and Nationality?

Nedim Bajrami’s parents had him in Zürich, Switzerland. By virtue of his birth, he is a Swiss international. The professional football player prefers to be recognized with his parents ethnicity and home country in Albania. Thus, he is an Albanian national.

Albania's Bajrami scores fastest ever Euros goal after 23 seconds | The  Daily Star

Where does Nedim Bajrami come from?

Nedim Bajrami was born in Zürich, Switzerland by ethnic Albanian parents.

Which Club Team does Nedim Bajrami?

Nedim Bajrami currently plays for Sassuolo in the Italian Serie B.

Did Nedim Bajrami score the Fastest Goal at the Euros?

Yes, Nedim Bajrami scored the fastest goal at the ongoing 2024 Euros in Germany. In Albania’s opening match against defending champions Italy, the winger put the ball in the net from close range in just 23 seconds.

Italy concedes goal after 23 seconds but recovers to beat Albania 2-1 at  Euro 2024 | National Sports | heraldbulletin.com

Is Nedim Bajrami active on Social Media?

Nedim Bajrami does not have that really strong presence on social media. However, he is particularly active on Instagram.

What is Nedim Bajrami’s Instagram?

Nedim Bajrami is on Instagram as (@bajraminedim11). He has over 50K followers with whom he shares images and videos of his memories.

Who are Nedim Bajrami’s Parents?

The names of Nedim Bajrami’s parents have not been recorded anywhere in the media space just yet. However, they are Albanians residing in Switzerland. His father originally is from Tetova whereas his mother comes from Gostivar, both in Macedonia.

Does Nedim Bajrami have Siblings?

This question has been asked a lot after his record breaking 23 seconds goal against Italy in the Euros. It is unknown at this time if the Albanian international footballer has any siblings. We will be quick to provide updates as soon as any reliable data is made available.

Who is Nedim Bajrami married to?

Nedim Bajrami has not yet made the bold decision of choosing a life partner. At this present day, he has not revealed to the world and his fans which lady he is currently dating and neither has there been reports or rumors on any lady he is or has been in a relationship with.

How many Children does Nedim Bajrami have?

To this day, there has not been any information available regarding Nedim Bajrami’s children. There is a possibility he has not fathered any offspring yet. Updates would be provided as soon as possible.

What is Nedim Bajrami’s Net Worth?

Nedim Bajrami’s net worth has not been made available at the present day. Despite that, it is safe to believe that he has not less than US$5 million as his net worth in 2024. The exact amount would be made available if any of the renowned media outlets reveal it.

How many Houses and Cars does Nedim Bajrami have?

Nedim Bajrami has yet to make open announcement or reveal images of houses and cars he has. Despite the lack of information, we do believe that he owns at least a house in his hometown Albania and a few cars for his errands. Be sure to see updates if Bajrami brings to light any such properties he has invested in.

How much does Nedim Bajrami make annually?

As per contract terms signed with Italian side Sassuolo during the 2023-24 season, Nedim Bajrami makes € 1,540,000 per year.

Nedim Bajrami - Player profile 23/24 | Transfermarkt

How many Businesses does Nedim Bajrami own?

As of now, there has not been any businesses ventures Nedim Bajrami owns. That is the least to say since he has not revealed details about his personal life and business ventures.

How many Investments has Nedim Bajrami?

There is no information in the media space at this time regarding investments Nedim Bajrami has made. As a professional footballer making good income, there is a high possibility he has invested in real estate and a few other ventures.

How many Endorsement deals has Nedim Bajrami?

Data surrounding endorsement deals Nedim Bajrami has penned aren’t presently available.

Does Nedim Bajrami donate to Charity?

There is no data accessible in respect to charities Nedim Bajrami has directly made donations to. However, as a part of “Match Worn Shirts”, an AFL signed contract, jerseys of players are auctioned and Nedim Bajrami’s Number 10 jersey sold the highest at €1,727 after a match against Czech Republic in which game he scored a spectacular goal.

The most expensive Nedim Bajram jersey in the auction, the proceeds from  the sale go to the needy - Sport

How many Philanthropic Works has Nedim Bajrami supported?

Presently, we do not have enough information about the Albanian attacking midfielder’s personal and social life. He has not been in the media for much longer than his record 23 seconds Euro goal against Italy. As and when there is any credible and reliable data, we will provide updates to our readers.

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