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Who is Nata Lee? Age, Height, Parents, Net Worth, Boyfriend

You will learn more about the Russian model Nata Lee in this article. This article contains her family background, early life, romantic life and career.

Who is Nata Lee?

Nata Lee known in real life as Natasha Krasavina is a popular adult actress, model and socialite who has featured in numerous films and television series.

She gained notoriety for her influential role in the ‘Relaxed: Sauna Stories’ a film that was produced in 2016 and was directed by Letsdoeit.

Nata Lee Age: How old is she?

She is 25 years old.

Nata Lee Height: How tall is she?

She is 5 feet 8 inches tall

Nata Lee’s Early Life, Education, Career

Her parents brought her into the world on February 17, 1999, in the city of Moscow, Russia under the Aquarius zodiac sign.

She lived with her parents who trained and guided her under strict supervision.

She took an interest in modelling after she got her admission to a community high school in 2013. Her friends saw her potential and physical attributes hence they encouraged her to take on the modelling profession.

While in school, she was very athletic as she participated in various sporting activities. Her involvement in sports disciplines such as volleyball and gymnastics was due to her quest to maintain her slim physique.

Sports made him very active and always ready to hit the ground running whenever the spotlight was on her.

She graduated from high school in 2017 but after that, she did not continue her education to the tertiary level and this was because she wanted to put all her energies and attention into her modelling career.

A lot is not known about her modelling career, but what is public knowledge is that she inked her first modelling deal while in high school. After attaining fame from her modelling adventures, she relocated to the United States of America.

Currently, she has a contract with a popular clothing brand, Fashion Nova.

Nata Lee has a trim figure because she leads an extremely active lifestyle and works out four to five times a week at the gym. She also adheres to a rigorous diet that forbids her from eating sweets or fast food.

She loves getting tattoos, and her left calf is adorned with a sizable dragon.

Nata Lee is a compulsive shopper since she shops for clothing several times a week.

Natasha’s most preferred season is summer since she loves to sunbathe, go yachting, and flaunt her physique at the beach.

Who are Nata Lee’s Parents?

The identities of her parents are not revealed to the public has she has not said anything about them in the media.

However, it is reported that her dad is a firefighter and her mother is a housewife.

Does Nata Lee have siblings?

Nothing is heard of her siblings if she has any. For now, many assume she is the only child in her family.

Nata Lee’s boyfriend: Who is Nata Lee dating?

It is rumored that Natasha is romantically entangled with Mavin Maalouf, a popular photographer, and the founder of Marvin Models and Marvin Studios.

They bumped into each other in 2019 when Marvin snapped Nata Lee in a photoshoot session and their friendship started which transcended into a romantic relationship eventually.

Natasha and Mavin have been spotted several times hanging out together in a public space.

A section of her fans are of the conviction that she is bisexual and was having amorous affairs with some ladies before she came across Marvin.

She does not like to divulge information about her relationship with Marvin Maalouf since their affair began in 2021. They love each other dearly but they are not yet married.

Does Nata Lee have children?

She does not have a child yet.

Nata Lee Net Worth

Her net worth is projected at $1million.

Nata Lee appears to like living a posh lifestyle, as evidenced by the majority of her photos, which were shot in upscale hotels and restaurants.

Nata Lee Social Media

She has a good presence on social media due to her consistent updates on her Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms and she keeps her interaction with her fans.

Over 600 pictures are on her Instagram page, and there you will see photos of her flaunting her curvy and adorable figure. Over 50,000 Twitter users follow her on Twitter, which she started in April 2020. She has about 200 tweets under her belt, most of which are images of Nata Lee that she has posted to Instagram.

In addition, Nata Lee maintains a substantial fan base on Facebook, with about 50,000 followers. She updates her page daily with photos that accentuate her stunning figure.

Since launching her TikTok account, Nata Lee has received over 1,000 likes on both of her videos, which feature her showcasing her legs and breasts, respectively. Almost 1,000 people have followed her account.


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