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Who is Jeremy Renner’s Ex-Wife, Sonni Pacheco? Age, Net Worth

Many social media users are eager to know about Jeremy Renner’s ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco. On this page, we share some details about her personal life.

Who is Sonni Pacheco?

Sonni Pacheco is a model and actress who is popularly recognized around the world for being the ex-wife of Jeremy Renner.

What nationality is Sonni Pacheco?

She is a Canadian by nationality

Sonni Pacheco Age: How old is Sonni Pacheco?

She is 35 years old.

Sonni Pacheco Height: How tall is Sonni Pacheco?

She is 1.73cm tall

Sonni Pacheco Early Life, Education

The universe opened its doors for the entry of Sonni in 1988 on March 21 in a city called Pitt Meadows in Canada.

She spent her formative years in Pitt Meadows where she was born and there she acquainted herself with the culture of rearing animals as her family were into animal rearing.

Although engrossed in that setting, she had a strong desire to become a light of the world as she wanted to become a model and followed the roadmap to accomplishing her goal.

Her interest in modelling compelled her to travel to Mexico to give herself a shot at making a good name for herself and making her parents proud whilst giving herself the life she has always wanted.

Who are Sonni Pacheco Parents?

The identities of her parents are not revealed at the time of filing this article.

Does Sonni Pacheco have siblings?

Not much is known about her family background hence, we can’t confirm if she is the only child of her parents or not.

Who is Sonni Pacheco’s husband?

Jeremy Renner as you may already know is an established American actor who is a stalwart in Hollywood known for featuring in the Avengers film series.

Jeremy Renner was raised in Modesto, California. Her dad at the time was the manager of a bowling alley in that city.

Sadly for him, he became a child of a broken home as his parents dissolved their marriage to go their separate ways at the of 10.

As the eldest child of his parents, a lot of responsibilities rested on his shoulders to fend for his younger siblings numbering 7 of them. He had his basic or formal education at Fred. C Beyer High School. He furthered at Modesto Junior College where he formerly studied computer science.

Interestingly, he opted for Drama as an elective course which influenced him to put more effort into learning that field of specialization well.

He first started out in his professional life with performing minor roles in productions and featuring on a couple of television shows as a guest. The most recognizable one is the CSI.

How did Sonni meet Renner?

Sonni and Renner crossed paths for the first time during the production of the ‘Mission Impossible movie starring Tom Cruise. They fell in love and started a romantic relationship after.

Is Sonni still married to Renner?

No, they are not together as a married couple. It is reported that a month before they celebrated their first anniversary, Sonni sought divorce from him and her reason for ending the marriage was because they couldn’t agree on settling their disputes or misunderstandings.

Soon later, their divorce was finalized and their child’s custody was divided between them. Renner was required to pay $13,000 monthly in child support as part of the agreement.

Sonni made a court appearance again in 2016 and accused her ex-husband of not providing the required $50,000 in child support.

In self-defence, he acknowledged that despite making monthly payments, she persistently put financial pressure on him, which negatively impacted his health. He also had sleep problems as a result of the divorce and its aftermath. There hasn’t been any indication of any new partnerships on both ends since then.

How many children does Sonni Pacheco have?

Before they got married, Sonni gave birth to their first child in 2013.

According to Pacheco, her child came into existence on Tuesday. Pacheco shares her 10-year-old daughter Ava with her ex-husband, Jeremy Renner.

Sonni Pacheco Career

Whilst in Mexico, she indulged in a series of menial jobs such as vending timeshares and working in a hotel resort. After some months in the field, she made a trip home to put her energies into modelling for lingerie.

As her modelling strides proved successful and industrious, she landed endorsement deals including Monster Energy, a brand widely recognized for financing various sporting activities like motocross, snowboarding, mixed martial arts and skateboarding. Monster Energy has been an instrumental force behind music icons like Fetty Wap and Iggy Azalea.

She opened her tentacles to try new territories as she devoted some considerable time working on the set of ‘American Pie’ love drama titled “Book of Love” which was released in the year 2009. She became a household name after featuring in the movie and that made her even more bankable for international brands.

What is Sonni Pacheco Net worth?

Her net worth is projected to be about $3million as of 2024.

This is as a result of her modelling career coupled with income accrued from her acting jobs and endorsement deals.

It is also alleged that she has amassed a good fortune from her divorce from actor, Renner whose net worth is calculated to be about $ 50 million.


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