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What happened to Kyle Chrisley? Net Worth, Age, Wife, Lawsuit

This article focuses on Kyle Chrisley’s private life, family, and net worth. He has been in the news for various controversies.

Who is Kyle Chrisley?

Kyle Chrisley is one of the children of television personality, Todd Chrisley. Kyle worked with a construction company in Tennessee.

What happened to Kyle Chrisley?

Kyle was taken into custody on March 13, 2023, in Tennessee by the Smyrna Police Department on charges of severe assault. In a press statement that PEOPLE was able to get, he was involved in a physical argument with a supervisor at Penske Truck Rental, where he allegedly brandished a “fixed blade.”

Kyle Chrisley Age

He is 32 years old.

Kyle Chrisley Height: How tall is Kyle Chrisley?

He has an appealing height of 5 feet 11 inches which is equivalent to 1.8m.

Kyle Chrisley Early Life, Education

Todd gave birth to Kyle in Westminster, South Carolina on August 29, 1991.

He attended Saint Francis High School in South Carolina. His father moved him to Samoa to take his education to the next level.

He lived and was raised in South Carolina.

Who are Kyle Chrisley Parents?

It was very joyful in their home until his parents, Teresa and Todd decided to go their separate ways following irreconcilable differences.

They officially divorced ending their marital journey when Kyle was only 5 years old and that greatly impacted his life thereafter. Inasmuch as the separation affected him, Kyle’s welfare was well catered for and he still enjoyed all the affluence his parents had laid for him.

Todd is a realtor and a real estate guru with several businesses that ensure everything he needs is at his beck and call.

After a few years of divorce, Todd found love again and got married. Kyle became a brother to 3 younger siblings from his father’s new union.

It is speculated that his unruly attitude is a result of his parent’s split and that has sparked a feud between him and his dad, Todd Chrisley. He is reported to have publicly accused Todd of some happenings in their family and he is still begrudging his dad since he separated from his wife.

Does Kyle Chrisley have siblings?

His siblings are Chase, Grayson, and Savannah. Kyle is a member of the Chrisley clan and he is the senior of Todd’s children.

Kyle Chrisley Wife: Is Kyle Chrisley married?

Kyle’s personal life is considered to be quite colourful, just like all of his other endeavours, since his inner demons showed themselves in his connections with other people. Prior to domestic abuse occurring, everything appeared to be going well between him and his then-girlfriend, African-American woman Angela Victoria Johnson, who delivered their lovely daughter Chloe Chrisley in 2012.

His subsequent relationship would turn out to be the one the public had been waiting for when he married his then-girlfriend Alexus Whilby. She had grown to be his rock and helped him through his struggle with drug addiction.

But their connection didn’t last long because it appeared like the disobedient Kyle would always find his way back to annihilation even with her encouragement. Divorce was unavoidable as a result of his addiction to substance misuse.

In 2019, Kyle encountered additional difficulties when he was reportedly stopped by police for a broken tail light. He was taken into custody after it was discovered during a second automobile check that he was in unlawful possession of methamphetamine.

On March 30, 2021, Kyle tied the knot with Ashleigh Nelson, his two-year partner. It’s reported that this restored connection has helped Kyle reconnect with his daughter Chloe, and continues to live up to his promise to be the amazing parent he (allegedly) always knew he could be.

Todd disclosed his son’s bipolar diagnosis to the public and expressed his frustration at the media exploiting his mental health to publish falsehoods.

Does Kyle Chrisley have children?

Kyle has a 10-year-old daughter, Chloe, with his former lover, Angela Johnson

Why did Kyle Chrisley lose custody of Chloe?

Twelve months following his daughter’s birth, Todd and his mom, Angela, were granted joint custody of Kyle after he was detained and accused of assault. However, Todd was given full custody of his granddaughter in 2016 when Angela was detained on suspicion of using Chloe as a dependent to fraudulently obtain food stamps and Medicaid.

Kyle Chrisley Net Worth

There is a popular saying that problems and challenges in life sometimes push you to take on the path of fame as the good and bad are inevitable in the journey.

His lifestyle is known to the public due to reality television production and that has brought him some amount of fame.

He is reported to have a projected net worth of $1million as of 2021.

Kyle Chrisley Career

Because his family were in entertainment due to his father’s popular television reality show, “Chrisley Knows Best”, Kyle was to make his name and rise to stardom on the show.

His inconsistent actions and countenance was predominantly featured in the first season of the show as viewers had an insight into his lifestyle.

Subsequently, he and his then-wife Alexus Whilby would put out their debut single, “Lexie and Kyle,” and go on to release a couple more songs together. Even though many appreciated his talents, his career was primarily boosted by being in the news because of his tendency to get into problems.

Kyle Chrisley Hobbies

He has great admiration for music and enjoys playing the game of chess which is rumoured to be one of his most preferred games or activities he gets involved in.

He also loves to look good and be in shape as he frequently visits the gym to work out and is passionate about seeing places hence he is a globetrotter.

What does Kyle Chrisley do for a living?

He was employed in a construction company in Smyrna, Tennessee.


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