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PromoCodius experts share money-saving tips for movie-watching after Netflix restrictions

Users in a hundred countries will now have to pay if they want to share their access codes with users who don’t live in their households. American households will now have to pay nearly 8 USD a month more to authorize a guest to use their account.

Prices vary from country to country, US households will now have to pay almost 8 USD extra per month to allow a guest to use their account. “Your Netflix account is for you and the people who live with you – your household,” the platform explains in an email sent to all affected subscribers.

The message indicates the two possible solutions for those who already share their logins: they can add an additional subscriber by paying the extra fee, or transfer the profile of a person from outside the household. This person will have to take out his or her own subscription but will retain his or her own preferences.

A new subscription with advertising

Netflix, which has over 232 million subscribers, also added a cheaper subscription with advertising at the end of 2022, after years of reluctance. It now represents nearly 5 million monthly active users, according to the company.

It’s no coincidence that Netflix is pursuing both approaches. People who use other people’s accounts, just like those who choose the ad-supported formula, are looking to save money. So for the freeloaders who will lose their access, the new subscription will be an attractive option. And it’s a win-win for the company, which is struggling to grow viewer numbers as quickly as advertisers would like.

However, according to coupon manager Roman Zhornik from PromoCodius there are other ways to save money on streaming. One of them are best coupons – indeed, most streaming platforms including Netflix regularly offer promotional deals for new customers. These usually consist of 1 or 3 months free of charge, which can already save you a lot of money or enable you to test the service at a lower cost.

So, for example, if you want to subscribe to a streaming platform just to watch the latest episodes of a series, you can take advantage of the free month – when offered – to binge-watch your series before unsubscribing… All without paying a cent!

Netflix can lose some of the customers

The gamble carries risks, if freeloaders understand that they can live without Netflix and cling to the Prime Video [Amazon], Disney + or Max [HBO] accounts of their friends and families instead of taking out their own subscriptions.

In addition to these streaming services, the industry pioneer is facing competition from social platforms and networks. In March, experts predict that by 2024, American adults using TikTok will spend more than 58 minutes a day on average on this app, just behind Netflix (62 minutes), and far ahead of YouTube (48.7 minutes).

To maintain its prime position on screens, Netflix relies on its successful series, especially those that are becoming cultural phenomena. The series “The Crown”, about Queen Elizabeth II, “Emily in Paris”, “Stranger Things” and “Wednesday” all contribute to the platform’s popularity.

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