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How to Upcycle Old CDs into Decorative Items

How to Upcycle Old CDs into Decorative Items – You might probably be thinking about throwing your old CDs away because you have no use for them. Well, before you proceed, we would like you to consider this – how about turning them into valuable creative pieces that can be used for decorations? You might think this will be a tedious process, however, it is not and we will take you through how you can do this in some simple steps.

How do you make use of old CDs creatively?

Due to the current technological advancement, CDs and DVDs have become old fashion. The only thing that they can be used for is creative decoration.

There are ways that you can repurpose old CDs and DVDs and these offer a range of creative possibilities.

From using old CDs and DVDs to make traditional Indian tea light holders, layered CD wreaths, and festive Christmas ornaments there is a wide range of popular projects that give new life to old CDs and DVDs.

Additionally, you can repurpose CDs as needle cases or storage containers and this provides practical solutions for organizing crafting supplies. With a touch of creativity, you can turn your old discs into functional and decorative items. This will not only cut down the number of waste products in your home but will also add personality to your home decor.

What can I do with old CDs?

By now, after mentioning creative ideas to transform your old CDs and DVDs, you are probably wondering what exactly you can do with your old CDs and DVDs. Well, this section of the article will expose you to some creative ideas that will have a positive lasting effect on you. In fact, there are plenty of creative options to explore. You can repurpose them into a mosaic mirror, cutting them up to add a touch of sparkle to various surfaces, you can transform old CDs and DVDs into jazzed-up jewelry pieces. For anyone looking to add some flair to their home, you can consider making a homemade disco ball from old discs. Hanging photo frames can also be made from old CDs and DVDs. Imagine hosting the love of your life in your home and using old CDs as elegant candle holders to create a romantic ambiance.

How to make flowers from old CDs?

One of the crafty ways that you can significantly transform old CDs is by turning them into flowers. In order to do this, you must first gather your materials. The materials needed include old CDs or DVDs. Once you have these CDs at hand, proceed by cutting petal shapes from the discs. The next step is to etch the petals. Go ahead and assemble the petals by gluing them together to form the flower’s bloom. To make the creative piece ready for use, add a stem to each flower, using materials like wire or floral tape.

Is there any reason to keep old CDs?

There are several reasons why people may tend to keep old CDs or DVDs. Factors like sentimental attachment, rarity of content, potential future use, and practical considerations (using it for decorations) may inform the decision of people to keep old CDs. You can now see some of the varied reasons why people may keep old CDs and the ultimate decision to keep old CDs depends on individual preferences and circumstances.

How to cut CDs for crafts?

You just don’t start cutting CDs for crafts because they must undergo some form of conditioning. This involves softening the CDs to make them easier to cut, and we found out in our research that a valuable method is to immerse them in boiling or very hot water for approximately ten minutes. The next step after the softening process is to carefully remove the CDs from the water using tongs or a heat-resistant tool to avoid burns. Proceed to use sturdy scissors or gardening clippers to cut the CDs into desired shapes. In doing this, kindly put all the necessary safety measures in place to avoid any injury.

How to Upcycle Old CDs into Decorative Items

If you are thinking of how to upcycle old CDs into decorative items, then carefully read this section of the article as it has all the juicy details you are looking for. Upcycling your old CDs into decorative items involves some steps and these steps are;

Gather Materials Needed for Upcycling CDs – The materials needed for making a decorative piece from old CDs are Old CDs, scissors or a craft knife, adhesive, paints, and markers.

Have Creative Ideas for Upcycling CDs – Once you have your materials, you must put your creative ideas into use. Some of the ideas you can use include turning old CDs into coasters and creating a mesmerizing mosaic, ornaments, photo frames, and clocks.

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