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How To Apply Online To University Of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)

University Of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) is one of the 26 public universities and one of the 11 traditional universities therein in South Africa. As the name suggests, the higher education school is a coalition of the University of Natal and the University of Durban-Westville on January 1, 2004. In the province of KwaZulu-Natal and under the Universities South Africa (USAf), it has five (5) campuses under the leadership of Reuel Jethro Khoza (Chancellor) and Nana Poku (Vice-Chancellor). Their motto reads “Inspiring Greatness”. As students completing from high schools who wish to be a part of the noble UKZN, here are the possible ways for you to apply both electronically and traditionally. Let us delve right into acquiring application forms and seeing your dreams turn to reality.

UKZN Campuses – UKZN – Zulu

UKZN Application Breakdown

Just as all other universities in South Africa, you need purchase an application form (hardcopy) or create an online portal for same. Based on the number of students who apply annually, there is always a rush hour, therefore applicants are advised to apply early so to avoid the traffic and possible rejection. The Central Applications Office (CAO) is the home for applications for South Africa natives, whereas foreign applivants need apply to the UKZN directly. You are only to choose either one of the applications formats to apply to the UKZN.

UKZN Online Application

For those high school graduates who complete online applications MUST send their forms through the Central Application Office (CAO).

Things You Need To Apply to UKZN

There are a few necessary details applicants should be mindful of when applying to the UKZN.

  1. You should know which e-mail address to channel your applications.
  2. Applicants from South Africa will have to provide their Grade 11 or Grade 12 certificates, or Senior Certificate/ National Senior Certificate to be able to apply. For foreigners, the equivalent certificate in your respective country is needed to apply.
  3. An ID number is needed for South African applicants while foreign applicants will need a passport number for same purpose.
  4. All applications should be sent through the Central Applications Office (CAO), the mother portal of the UKZN.
  5. Once you are ready for the application processes, applicants Must have on hand the necessary documents to upload.
  6. It is worth noting that, foreign applicants need directly apply to UKZN.
UKZN received a whopping 120,000 first-year applications for only 9,000  spots, and here are the most popular courses

How to Apply to UKZN Via Online

NB: Before sending your application through the CAO, be sure if you have UKZN official application portal.

  1. First time to do is making sure you duly understand all instructions before filling your online forms and submitting in.
  2. Once you are certain all details are very accurate after making corrections, then only should you submit the application. There is no room for corrections after you’ve submitted your form. Please be very mindful.
  3. Applicants need to upload all necessary documents; softcopy of Senior Certificate/ National Senior Certificate for South African students and its equivalant for foreign applicants in pdf format.
  4. Once an application is received by CAO, the recipient will receive an SMS on their cell phones.

Apply to UKZN Via Hardcopy Paper Application Forms.

For applicants who wish not to go the electronic or online format, they can make due to the traditional or hardcopy application forms.

University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) (Bloemfontein, South Africa)

Things You Need To Apply To UKZN

The processes in both application formats are similar. The only different here is, applicants need to fill the forms in ink and submit the forms through the post office to the UKZN’s postal address. All other requirements seem the same.

Submitting UKZN Hardcopy Paper-base Application

Applicants with completed forms will have to visit the nearest post office to submit their application forms.

University of KwaZulu-Natal
Applications and Information Office
238 Mazisi Kunene Rd, Glenwood, Durban, 4041 South Africa

UKZN Application Fees

The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) application fees are two different. There is one of South African applicants and another for international students vying to join the noble institute of higher education.

  1. A non-refundable fee of R240 is allocated for South African applicants. Note, the price may be adjusted any time.
  2. There is also an allocation of R300 which is non-refundable to international students. That figure also could change based on affairs of the financial departments or government intervention.

UKZN Residence Accommodation

Immediately you receive an admission letter and make payments to its effect, the UKZN provides accommodation for its students, both local and international. No need to worry about having to go in search for an accommodation.

Edgewood Residences - Department of Student Residence Affairs

How To Apply For UKZN Resident Accommodation

For applicants who apply to the UKZN, you do not need to apply separately for accommodation, as the school itself allocates one for all selected candidates. As part of the requirements, each student will indicate whether or not they want UKZN residence accommodation.

Accommodation For UKZN Students

If you have followed the steps outlined above and still have any further questions, applicants should contact the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa via its official website “University of KwaZulu-Natal” or send an e-mail to undergrad@ukzn.ac.za Tel: (031) 260 8596

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