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A Look into Laurel Coppock’s Net Worth, Age, Family, Husband

A lot of internet users and movie lovers are searching for facts about Laurel Coppock’s private and professional life on the web.

If you fall in this category then you are just on the right page as this article sheds light on her early life, career, net worth and private life so keep reading.

Laurel Coppock Age: How old is Laurel Coppock?

She is 46 years old.

Laurel Coppock Height: How tall is Laurel Coppock?

She stands at 1.68m tall.

Laurel Coppock Early Life, Education

She breathed for the first time on August 22, 1970, in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States where she also had her upbringing.

She lived her early years in Westen with her parents together with her sisters who were also enthused about arts and entertainments just like her.

Growing up, she lived around the East Coast and even when she was not in her twenties, she was very passionate about being an actress. After she graduated from high school she pursued a higher education as she furthered at Colby College in Waterville and studied at Maine where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts.

She later enrolled at the Square Theatre School. Courses including television, film and theatre were taught and the institution had the accreditation and license to a Broadway theatre.

Laurel Coppock Career

Laurel got recruited by a production company called Boom Chicago and was a resident of Amsterdam where she served as an actress and improviser.

The international creative organization, which has been based in Rozengracht, Amsterdam, since 1993, is well-known for its improvisational and humorous sketch performances on stage. They frequently address social and political topics in their performances, such as technology, social media, and economics among others.

Laurel would go on to have both regular and guest roles in a number of well-known television shows over the years. She was employed on the critically acclaimed mockumentary comedy “Modern Family,” which followed the life of the Jay Pritchett family as they lived in the Los Angeles suburbs. The show was particularly well-received in its early seasons.

Her fame would truly take off when she was signed by Toyota to begin filming advertisements as the character Jan.

She can be seen answering calls from firm clients in her debut series of advertisements in order to provide additional details about the Toyota Annual Clearance Event. She has since made several appearances in advertisements for the Japanese business, which is the first car manufacturer to generate more than 10 million vehicles annually and ranks number 6 in the world in terms of revenue.

It was founded in 1936 and is currently the industry leader in both hydrogen fuel-cell and hybrid electric automobiles. 

Laurel has not been significantly involved in productions of television and film in the past five years.

A look into her professional revealed she has been more dedicated in improvisation as it is her topmost goal while still pursuing her role with the Groundings.

Who are Laurel Coppock’s parents

Her mother is Susan Coppock. The name of her father is currently unavailable but we are told by media reports that his father was a legal practitioner.

What does Laurel’s Coppock’s mother do for a living?

His mum Susan Coppock is a tutor and writer.

Does Laurel Coppock have siblings?

She has two sisters

Is Laurel Coppock husband: Is Laurel Coppock married?

Laurel is the wife of popular actor and producer, Bobby Mart who is famous for his involvement in productions such as “Beat Down” among others.

She and her husband have been keeping their marriage or love affair below the radar hence, their relationship is not gaining the attention of the media or the general public but rather their work.

They have been married for several years now and their love for each other is unfading even after all these years.

How many children does Laurel Coppock have?

She has a daughter with her husband,

What is Laurel Coppock’s Net worth?

Her net worth is projected at $1million

How does Laurel Coppock make her money?

Her profession as an actress is the only source of her money.

How much does Laurel Coppock make?

In 2011, Crazy, Stupid, Love became her best-selling movie, earning her around $142.8.

Does Laurel Coppock have endorsement deals?

She has extensive experience working on Toyota advertisements.

Laurel Coppock Social Media

She has most of her television adverts or commercials dominating social media pages.

She is on Instagram with less than 100k subscribers.

Her presence on social media is not something to write home about as she is not active on social media platforms because she clearly demarcates her personal and professional lives. In addition to not participating in public ceremonies, she also has a few publications that feature her efforts.


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