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Celebrities With Ties to the Betting Industry

Celebrity endorsements have been around for ages, and we see big brands incorporating this line of marketing to gain recognition. A great review from a famous celebrity goes a long way in building a brand’s reputation.

The betting industry has seen and recognised this form of marketing as they include high-profile celebrities in endorsing their products. Most casinos understand the power of celebrity endorsements and it adds that extra star power to a brand. Multiple betting companies in the industry use it to gain recognition and more customers and that’s also something that recognized sites like Kasinohai take into consideration when reviewing and listing casinos. It’s a simple strategy: more customers, more money. Any business’s main aim is to stay profitable. 

Recently, Drake has been a very notable front figure for and has gotten a lot of attention for it. This article will explore some other celebrities that endorse the betting industry; some just love to play and, to your surprise, some even have their own games.

The Celebrity List 

Here are your celebrities:

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is a well-known female rapper loved and adored by the youth. She has promoted and endorsed online casino brands in many ways. She’s also a special advisor and mentor for MaximBet and Maxim magazine. She got this partnership as she showed love for the gaming community. She’s also known as the first entrepreneurial global spokesperson, special advisor, and shareholder for the Carousel group. 

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is a world champion and gold medalist known as the world’s fastest man. He has also shown love for the online betting industry, especially poker. He has his online slot, Usain Bolt: The Slot Game. This endorsement has filled his pockets as fast as he runs. He has made a reported $60 million from the deal he has with the game distributor Ganapati PLC.

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is a famous basketball player with an incredible personality. He is known to love the world of betting. According to rumours, Barkley has lost 10 million dollars in casinos. He has a multimillion-dollar deal with Fanduel, and he’s also known as the brand ambassador and spokesperson who creates social content, making appearances on behalf of the brand.

Curtis Jackson 

Curtis Jackson, also known as 50 Cent, is a legendary rapper known for his affiliation with the betting industry. He demonstrates his love for betting by showing how he enjoys it through his music. He’s also a renowned sports bettor, and his fans know it.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is known for his action in the ring back in the day. A heavyweight boxing champion nicknamed Iron Mike is now known for various investments and sponsorships. He had a sponsorship deal with Parimatch Sports, where he’s known as the brand ambassador. He also has a 15-year deal with Inspired Gaming.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is an all-time favourite and legendary basketball player. Known for his famous shoes loved worldwide, he also has some affiliation with casino games. He’s known to love casino tables, and he understands the losses associated with gaming. He once lost $5 million on a craps game.

Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck, whose name is perfect for online betting, is a former Indianapolis Colts quarterback. He has partnered with Bovada, a popular US gambling site, as the face of the franchise. To Andrew Luck, this was luck, and it worked in his favour as his career ended due to injuries. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is a soccer Idol nicknamed the Endorsement King. He’s known to have generated millions from endorsing multiple online casinos. He has signed deals with sites such as PokerStars and is the global ambassador for the poker platform. Ronaldo has great skill in the game and enjoys the thrill that online gaming platforms provide.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is an all-time reality television celebrity who has remained relevant by endorsing online gaming. She endorses online casino and has been doing this since 2016.

Ray Romano

Ray Romano is a PokerStars member. He places very high bets on PokerStars tables, which makes him one of the most profitable endorsers.

What do Betting Brands Gain? 

Celebrity endorsements are not only profitable to the celebrities, but betting brands also stand to gain the following:

Increased Revenue and Credibility

Commonly associating a brand with someone admirable in society gives customers and users the idea that the brand and service is excellent. Typically, when a celebrity says something is good, people will believe it. Increased credibility also means an increase in revenue.

Better Brand Recognition

People will pay more attention to a brand associated with their favourite artist. This means the community will trust the brand because of the endorsements; representing the brand will also attract more players to their platforms.


Undoubtedly, celebrities are very influential in our social space. People tend to trust brands that are celebrity-endorsed and promoted. Companies and gaming brands have been doing this for decades. It’s a common strategy most brands use to put themselves out there and commonly brings the masses.

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