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5 Ghanaian Soccer Stars Who Are Doing Well In the Entertainment Industry

In recent years, the rise of sports in African countries has tremendously grown to an appreciated level. Although developments may still be minimal in some regions, other parts of the continent have seen better. Ghana, for instance, is blessed with a great abundance of skilled athletes and budding talents. Their fame in sports — most especially soccer is one to be applauded. The Black Stars of Ghana, as they are popularly known, have gained recognition as a team, and due to this feat, many of their players onboard find themselves in top-flight clubs worldwide. 

So, these soccer stars attain greater heights, sign endorsement deals with entertainment firms for real money, and even participate in social activities. One may ask what their fans stand to gain by voting for and supporting them. However, it then becomes clear that because the work rate is enviable both on and off the field, these players get better and higher odds on sports betting sites. Hence, you can secure winning tickets based on these stars’ best performances and the cash rewards from the appropriate online sports betting PayPal portals. 

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In this article, more light is shed on 5 Ghanaian Soccer Stars who are doing well in the entertainment industry to the joy of their fans. 

  1. Asamoah Gyan

There are a lot of people living in the world today who are incredibly talented with fantastic skill sets and abilities in different varieties of life. Asamoah Gyan, a talented striker from Ghana, is one of them. After earning a name for himself in both the 2010 World Cup and the 2010 African Cup of Nations, the player is regarded as one of the finest soccer players the African continent has ever produced.

The former National Team captain is prosperous in football, business, and showbiz. He is a jack of many trades. Despite all of Gyan’s accomplishments, his love of music—especially “Jama” music—has won the hearts of many football fans. The Sunderland forward was an excellent dancer before he retired from football. He didn’t stop there but went further to record songs in the studio. Some of these songs include; Dirty Enemies, Odo Pa, and Do the Dance, amongst others. 

  1. Kevin Prince Boateng

Kevin Prince Boateng, another wonder to watch in terms of football, is in the entertainment scene too. The superstar openly announced a music career after joining the Italian club, Sassuolo, for two years in 2018. He then released his debut song, titled ‘King’ under the stage name ‘Prince,’ where he amazed a lot of Ghanaians with his rhythmic and well-versed raps. 

Since then, he has appeared with new songs and rap videos to ensure he remains seen. His actions and the attitude he uses to do his musical performances show that he’s passionate about the art and won’t be backing off anytime soon. 

  1. Quincy Jamie Owusu

The Dutch side SV Robinhood left winger is recognized for having a superb spell playing soccer and for his outstanding performances on stage. Being a rapper with his unique stage name, ‘Blow,’ the superstar has graced international outings with rock bands and Dutch record big names like De Fellas.

He released his first mixtape in 2020, and although his love for music is solid, he still manages to improve his game on-field. According to trusted sources, he plans to stay in the industry for a while to do better and train other talented youngsters for the future.

  1. Memphis Depay

Arguably the oldest soccer player on this list to venture into entertainment, the Barcelona star started his official music life in 2017. Depay kicked off with a freestyle he made in Los Angeles during a vacation. The song was titled ‘La Vibes’ featuring Quincy Promes, who happens to be another soccer player from Ajax football club.  

man standing while watching soccer during daytime

The Ghanaian, now a Dutch player, is always known to dress like a rockstar. He is also usually seen with his headphones, vibing to his music or those of his favorite rap artists.  

  1. Derek Boateng

Derek Boateng, a former midfielder for the Black Stars, had already begun planning for the future after football by building an opulent five-star hotel edifice in Accra. The 39-year-old retired player owns the Mendieta Hotel in Achimota, next to Golf Park, and has his eyes set on financial success with this endeavor.

The lavish hotel features a variety of amenities, such as pools, gyms, and carpets that seem like grass—a standard property for prominent guests who wish to visit the city and experience entertainment at its peak. The player is said to have enjoyed himself during his years of football. However, he always complained about the poor nature of entertainment in Ghana compared to other countries. The West African country may be on its way to cultural and technological development with Derek Boateng at the core center.   


A lot of people exist with multiple talents in different fields, and only a few of them get to achieve incredible feats on all grounds. Soccer and entertainment are two varying sectors, but some superstars have been able to multitask perfectly, leading to a higher ranking on PayPal betting sites. In that light, anything is achievable, and the more quality performance an individual gives off, the more recognition is attained. 

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Sports and entertainment have gradually allied in several regions worldwide, and Ghana is no exception. Here are 5 Ghanaian soccer stars doing well in the entertainment industry. 

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