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DIY: How to Fix a Dripping Tap

Dealing with a dripping tap is one of the few things that can really be annoying, especially when you are late for work or sleeping at night. The tiny droplets cause a sound that is unappealing and frustrating to hear all day every day. Little drop of water make a mighty ocean and in this case little droplets of water cost you a huge sum of money and damage of property if not attended to early enough. Let us try to fix a dripping tap without having to call a professional and save some bucks. Below are a few simple steps to follow on how to fix a dripping tap.

Table of Content

  1. Types of taps and tools requirement
  2. Tools to fix dripping tap
  3. Tips before you start repairing
  4. How to repair a dripping tap

Types of Taps and Tools Requirement

In our homes or offices, we primarily may have two different types of tap; the traditional taps and monobloc lever taps. What is the difference between the two? Traditional taps otherwise referred to as ‘Compression Valves’, primarily come with washers and the Monobloc lever taps are made usually with ceramics.

A damaged washer will be responsible for a dripping tap in traditional taps whereas a damaged ceramic is often the causative agent in monobloc lever taps. Being aware of this is very necessary to ascertain which tools and tips you will need to salvage the situation.

Tools to Fix Dripping Tap

Fixing a dripping requires having a few tools. It does not take that much technical knowhow, as a number of tool as necessary for the process.

An adjustable spanner
Slot and cross-head screwdrivers
Tap cartridge replacement
Various washers and O-rings

Tips before you start repairing

Before taking a step to fix a dripping a tap, you sure need to turn off the water supply. No work can be successful without closing the main source of the supply of water. Also, you must make sure you run through the taps thoroughly before venturing into salvaging the issue. Realizing it is a washer problem, please desist from over-tightening the washer when you reassemble if it is the case of the impending issue. Now, let us delve into the how-to-stop-a-dripping-tap.

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How to Repair a Dripping Tap

After realizing the aforementioned tips and methods to realizing which tap and tips to solve its dripping, you need to generously take control of the situation before going ahead to fix the dripping tap.

  1. Switch Off the Water
  2. Locate the screw and unscrew
  3. Disassemble your tap parts
  4. Ceramic disc replacement
  5. Rubber washer replacement
  6. O-ring replacement

Switch Off the Water

Since the water is dripping, you first need to make sure its primary source (from the meter) is turned off. Without that, the water will continually drip and overflow if you should remove the tap for a replacement afterwards. Some plumbers place a lock under the sink, whereas you will need to get to the main water meter to unlock the water. Whichever way, be sure to close to main water supply.

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Locate the screw and unscrew

After switching off the water’s main source, you delve into screwing and unscrewing visible parts of your tap. To do that, your hand will effecively screw and unscrew the hidden hot and cold caps. In the case where it is hard to unscrew by hand, a screwdriver comes in handy.

Replacing a Cartridge in a Mixer Tap - The Tap Shop

Disassemble your Tap Parts

The tap in this case must be unscrew for any processes to follow. Whether or not the head of the tap is metal or plastic, you will have to take it off. After disassembling the parts, do well to put them all in one place so it is easy to reassemble them in order in which they were removed. Once this is done, you can grab your washer or ceramic and replace them accordingly.

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Rubber Washer Replacement

If your tap is the traditional one, and the washer is the issue causing a dripping tap, you will have to replace the washer immediately. How is this done?

First, grab your spanner and turn the valve until it is loosen, then and then alone can you remove it. Take off the rubber valve, fix new ones orderly and reassemble the tap in an orderly manner.

In the case of a ceramic issue, as in responsible for monobloc lever taps, you will have to replace the ceramic cartridge then reassemble the tap in an orderly fashion.

Various washers and O-rings

Taking into consideration the following steps, your tap should be back to its normal glory. In the case where it is unable to function properly, there comes a need to replace the washer and check for O-ring signs of wear and tear. Which mainly are extremely cases of dripping taps.

O-rings are the larger versions of washers which are mainly seen underneath the tap spout. Look out and find out the O-ring at the bottom of the spout and screw it with a spanner or screw driver. A scissors can also play the role of screwing the O-ring when you do not have a spanner or screw-driver readily available.

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To this point, you should have successfully changed your damaged washer or ceramic and have your tap running normally without any dripping. If you have not been able to make due this processes for the desire results, do not be shy to call a professional. After all, you have done what us best in your position as a novice to curb the dripping tap and failed. Better luck next time.

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