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Amanda Elise Lee Surgery, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth

Amanda Elise Lee is a growing sensation on social media due to her fitness workouts and training videos. Get to know more about her life here.

Who is Amanda Elise Lee?

Amanda Lee Elise is a sensational Instagram influencer, model, and fitness trainer well-known for her banging body.

What is Amanda Elise Lee known for?

She gained massive social media buzz and attention after a renowned dancer tagged her in an Instagram post.

Amanda Elise Lee Age

She is 38 years old

Amanda Elise Lee Height: How tall is Amanda Elise

She stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 9 inches which is 175cm.

What is Amanda Elise Lee’s Nationality?

She is a Canadian

Amanda Elise Lee Early Life, Education

Her mom gave birth to her on December 13, 1986 in Canada.

Amanda was introduced to fitness training by her mother as she carried her along to her gym workout sessions at a community gym. Her inspiration to go down this career path is her mother.

She did not relegate her education to the background as she enrolled in elementary school and furthered to studying dance at Sarah Lawrence College where she polished her dancing skills.

It was at Sarah Lawrence College Amande Lee acquired the tenacity and ability to endure and improve on her confidence. While receiving knowledge, her mother took pictures of her and posted them on social media.

Growing up, she was thin and lacked confidence, but her physical conditioning helped her overcome these traits and transform into the stunning woman she is now.

She still gets many of her Instagram photographs from her mother, with whom she is quite close. She is a certified Pilates instructor and holds a degree in personal physical training.

Amanda Elise Lee Parents

Just like her, Amanda’s mom worked as a professional personal trainer.

Who are Amanda Elise Lee siblings?

She has four siblings. She is the second child of five children. The identities of her siblings are not disclosed to the media as of now.

Amanda Elise Lee Husband: Is Amanda Elise married?

Several reports suggest that Amanda Lee is not romantically linked to any man as she is focused on her career.

She is currently securing the bag and at the right time for her, she will showcase her man to the world after some soul-searching has been carried out.

We are still doing our research to bring you updates on her dating life.

Does Amanda Elise Lee have children?

She has a daughter.

Amanda Elise Lee Net Worth

Her net worth is approximately $1 million.

How much does Amanda Elise make?

She is paid $21,000 for a single post on social media for advertisement purposes.

She has multiple streams of income and that include her personal fitness training sessions for clients, modelling assignments for brands, and appearances for magazines.

Her fame has made her a sought-after personality and sports brands such as Ehplabs have an endorsement deal with her.

Amanda Elise Lee Surgery

It is alleged that Amanda Lee has undergone rhinoplasty, a surgical operation to alter the shape of the nose. She is believed to have augmented her breasts and had veneers, however, she has yet to confirm the allegations.

She is on record to have stated in an interview that being beautiful and ugly is from within and that is the reason one must focus on fixing that and find satisfaction in it.

Amanda Elise Lee Social Media

Her rise to fame on social media was very rapid and she attested to how she was taken by surprise about how it occurred.

What got eyeballs on her and made her popular was when a sensational dancer revealed that Amanda is her inspiration after which fans implored her to post more videos of Amanda on her platform.

At that point, she felt her door of fame had been opened even at that early stage of her career. Her followership on Instagram soared exponentially from thousands to 3 million in a very short time.

This was a great boost in helping her build her fan base that propelled her client business opportunities to embark on personal training jobs.

At present, Amanda has about 9 million followers on Instagram. She is also active on Twitter.

Amanda Elise Lee Workout Routines and Diet

She became well-known for her glutes, thus her most crucial workouts focus on the lower body. Her exercise regimen consists of deadlifts, step-ups, lunges, and squats, which she performs two times a week. She claims that in order to keep in shape, she works out hard by weightlifting on one of those days and doing cardio-based lower-body workouts on the other.

She believes you may utilize activities like lunges and deadlifts to develop a bigger booty since they burn even the following morning.

Amanda Elise Lee hobbies

Even though she’s on a diet, she occasionally indulges in her guilty delights, which include pizza and Netflix. She enjoys doing yoga and says it helps her body and mind in many ways.

Her celebrity crushes include Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, both of whom she likes.


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