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Who is Lauren Kitt Carter? Age, Husband, Net Worth, Parents

Recently, a section of internet users has been searching on the web to know about the private and professional life of actress, Lauren Kitt Carter.

In this article, we bring to light all there is to know about her family background, upbringing, net worth and love life so you do want to stick to this page and learn more about her.

Who is Lauren Kitt Carter?

Lauren Kitt Carter is a popular actress, producer and fitness trainer who plies her trade in the United States.

Lauren Kitt Carter Age; How old is Lauren Kitt Carter?

She is 40 years old.

Lauren Kitt Nationality: Where does Lauren Kitt come from?

Lauren is an American by birth. She comes from Cartacadia in Southern California.

Lauren Kitt Carter Height: How tall is Lauren Kitt Carter?

She stands at 1.8m tall.

Lauren Kitt Carter Early Life, Education

Lauren was born on June 3, 1983, in the city of Cartacadia in Southern California under the zodiac sign, Gemini.

She was raised alongside her siblings and is very close to them just like the closeness between her and her parents.

Lauren was passionate about acting and dancing when she was very young and this compelled her to enrol in dance school at a high school immediately after completing her education there, she opened her YouTube channel whilst also pursuing her acting dream.

Although she loved her parents, her mum and dad at a point did not agree on matters and wanted to discontinue their marriage. She separated when Lauren was a youngster and that greatly impacted her life.

At the age of 18, Lauren moved to Tokyo, Japan, to live there for 3 years and after relocated to Paris before she finally settled in the United States.

In her spare time, Lauren works as a model and as a fitness trainer. She also works out at the gym to maintain her figure. She loves the movie business and her most preferred actors and actresses are Johnny Depp and Emma Stone respectively. 

The two movies she loves to see most are “The Amazing Spiderman” and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series. She loves to travel, having been to every continent, and Miami is the place she likes to go.

She likes to try different foods, but her favourite is seafood. She has an addiction to shopping, and she frequently posts photos of her looks on Instagram. Nick and Lauren are avid animal lovers who own a cat named Sphynx and a dog named Igby as pets.

Lauren Kitt Carter Career

Lauren is known to be an expert in the health and fitness industry. She has been actively visiting the gym for a long time now and she launched her personal fitness tutorial series she dubbed “KittFit” where she teaches her fans and fitness enthusiasts the ideal training workouts for each part of the human body.

She also shares tips on nutrition and diets that relate to bodybuilding and fitness therapies. One thing many also know her for is that Lauren is a fitness model.

It was through one of the videos she makes for YouTube that featured her husband, Nick Carter as they crossed paths for the first time.

Her YouTube channel was created on September 8, 2011.

Before quitting the YouTube channel 5 years ago, she was posting fitness-related videos. Lauren has acted in several films such as the 2010 film “The Pendant” and the 2013 film “One Life to Live.”

Who are Lauren Kitt Carter Parents?

Her parents are Larry Kitt and Robyn. When she was born, her parents were young college students who were essentially teenagers.

Her father is Mexican and Native American, while her mother, who was adopted, is of Irish origin.

Does Lauren Kitt Carter have siblings?

She is not the only child of her parents. She has a sister called Alexandra and a brother as well

Is Lauren Kitt Carter married?

Yes, Lauren is married. She is married to actor, Nick Carter.

How did Lauren Kitt meet Nick Carter?

Lauren and Nick bumped into each other when Nick’s brother and sister, Aaron and Angel arranged his participation in Lauren’s Youtube videos. They became friends and obviously liked each other and this precipitated the need for them to upgrade their friendship into a romantic relationship.

They dated for 4 years and in a romantic fashion in February 2013, Nick married Lauren with a 7-carat diamond ring.

Interestingly, he revealed that the diamond ring had been with him always for about 2 weeks but was only waiting for the best time to ask the all-important question.

After Lauren said yes to his proposal they proceeded to hold their wedding ceremony where Nick to her to the altar on April 12, 2014.

It is reported that while the lovebirds were going out, fans especially the female fans of Nick mocked her to the point that one of the fans had made remarks of threats to her.

Who is Lauren Kitt Carter’s Husband?

Her husband is Nick Carter

Does Lauren Kitt Carter have children?

Following a devastating miscarriage in 2015, Lauren took seed and gave birth to their son Odin Reign Carter in their home’s swimming pool on April 19, 2016, following a 30-hour labour. When Lauren had her second miscarriage in September 2018, she was 3 months along with her unborn daughter.

She conceived again in February 2019 and welcomed Saoirse Reign Carter, Lauren and Nick’s daughter, on October 2.

Lauren Kitt Carter Net Worth

She has a projected net worth of $1million

How does Lauren Kitt make her money?

She makes her money or earns her income from her acting jobs and personal fitness training contracts or duties.

Lauren Kitt Carter Social Media

She is active and present on social media. She has over 200k followers on Instagram. She has followers on Instagram also.


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