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Who is Genesis Mia Lopez? Age, Height, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Genesis Mia Lopez is a growing sensation on social media and this is because of her incredible banging body and fitness coaching lessons.

Who is Genesis Mia Lopez?

Genesis Mia Lopez is a popular fitness model, and social media influencer who runs her own bikini swimwear line ‘Bare Swimwear’.

Genesis Mia Lopez Age

She is 26 years old.

Genesis Mia Lopez Height: How tall is Genesis Mia?

She is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Genesis Mia Lopez Early Life, Education

Her parents gave birth to her on July 15, 1993, in Miami, Florida. She belongs to the Cancer Zodiac group.

She lived her childhood life in Miami.

She is Japanese-Brazilian in terms of her ethnic background but her nationality is American due to her place of birth.

She enrolled in a private school in Miami and after completion, she furthered at Florida State University.

Who are Genesis Mia Lopez’s Parents?

Her parents are Mr and Mr Lopez.

She has not disclosed anything about her biological mother and father to the public. However, we are still doing our research to know more about her family background and we will keep you updated on developments in this section.

Genesis Mia Lopez Siblings

We can’t confirm if he has siblings or not.

Genesis Mia Lopez Boyfriend

She is currently hitched to Joe Taranto and they have been dating since 2017.

Joe Taranto is a television personality and also an executive in the entertainment arena.

Does Genesis Mia Lopez have a child?

She does not have a child yet.

What is Genesis Mia Lopez net worth?

She has accumulated a net worth projected at $1.5million as of 2024.

Her earnings are drawn from her brand endorsement and advertisement deals and she also owns a swimwear line.

Genesis Mia Lopez Social media/career

She created her first account on Instagram in April 2016 with the name ‘Genesis Lopez Fitness’ where she shared images of herself doing workout routines.

She can boast of a ripped physique and pretty face to compliment her overall beauty. The account garnered over 2 million subscribers in a short time but unfortunately, she lost her account.

She was unfazed by the mishap as she surged forward to create another whole new account named ‘genesislopezofficial’ where she persisted in sharing videos and images that also had her sharing tips and instructions on fitness and wellness with her fans and fitness enthusiasts.

Due to the attention and notoriety she gained, she secured various partnership deals with modelling firms and brands like BangEnergy, VPX Sports etc.

Genesis inked a contract with Elite Model Management Company and advertised products of several fashion brands through modelling.

She is a holder of a Snapchat account called @MissGenii as well as running a Twitter now X account.

Does Genesis Mia Lopez have hobbies?

Genesis used to be a full-time manga artist, creating Japanese comic books, but now she pursues this passion in her free time, as detailed on her website.

Additionally, she finds joy in learning about felines, snakes, and amphibians, but favours being with loved ones whenever she can. Brad Pitt is Genesis’ preferred actor, and Jennifer Lawrence is her favourite actress.

Genesis Mia Lopez Diet and Routine

Genesis’ daily workout routine, as detailed on the website Greatest Physiques, consists of a 20-minute warm-up that includes dancing, jumping ropes, and running, followed by exercises and weightlifting.

Among the exercises she does are barbell squats, good mornings, kickbacks, lunges, bodyweight hip thrusts, and more. Genesis thinks that maintaining a clean diet is crucial for staying healthy and in shape.

She follows a diet consisting of nutritious meals like Asian cuisine, seafood, and vegetables, with no flour or refined sugar. Genesis occasionally includes Vitamin D3 in her basic whey protein powder to supplement her delicate skin due to sun sensitivity.


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