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South African Mobile Gamers Continue To Play Leading Titles 

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From Nigeria to South Africa, African nations are discovering the benefits of gaming on a miniature smartphone device. In South Africa, in particular, people are mobile gaming more than ever before, with a number of excellent gaming products coming to the fore on our new and improved smartphone devices in 2023. 

Innovation has certainly improved an already popular entertainment option further, with the smartphones of today offering more sophistication than they ever have done before. As such, mobile game makers have been able to create a wave of better products, with mobile gaming audiences benefitting massively from it. Mobile gaming’s momentum isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon either, with the genre being constantly showered with innovative releases that are regularly enticing new audiences. Which titles are best at the moment, though? Let’s assess some of South Africa’s leading mobile games right now. 

Subway Surfers is fun to session for a few hours 

Undoubtedly one of the most popular games in the world, Subway Surfers is also pulling in massive audiences from South Africa. An endless runner where senior gamers can relive their cheeky youthful days by wreaking havoc on the public all while trying to escape being captured by an angry ticket inspector and his dog, this all-action, the fast-paced product will keep you entertained for hours on end. You’ll want to record new high scores, unlock various items, and a whole lot more. It’s no surprise that so many gamers love Subway Surfers. 

Greek Mythology slot games like Age of the Gods appeal 

While the downloadable products on both iOS and Android devices tend to appeal the most, there are mobile gamers who are discovering the extensive collection of casino games that are easily accessible without needing to download. Slot games are a particular favorite, with Greek Mythology slot games being one of the most popular themes at an online casino. Alongside other options from the Age of Gods series of games, such as Age of the Gods: Maze Keeper and Age of the Gods: Apollo Power, one of the most popular games from this category is Age of the Gods: God of Storms II, a new and improved version of a much-loved creation that offers a classical mythological style on a fun 5 reeled and up to 90 pay lines product. It’s easy to grasp, too. 

 Candy Crush Saga’s appeal hasn’t waned 

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Candy Crush Saga has been dominating the download charts since 2012 and it’s still going admirably strong in 2023. How the game’s makers have kept the title fresh and exciting is mightily impressive, with gamers still gripped by the classic free-to-play tile-matching puzzle game. Chances are you’ve probably played Candy Crush before, but if you haven’t, then download it immediately.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a console classic now on mobile 

One of the main reasons behind the growth of mobile gaming in the modern world is undoubtedly due to the improvements made in the games we can access. A recent trend that is winning over millions of mobile gamers is the extensive selection of console-quality games now being accessible on mobile, with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas being one of the best in South Africa. The iconic action-adventure product follows the story of Carl Johnson as he navigates gang life, drugs and corruption, and aims to come out with his life intact. All GTA games are a blast but San Andreas is easily one of the best products to come from the series. 

Other popular mobile games in South Africa right now include Minecraft, Craft School: Monster Class, Pull The Pin, The President, Ludo King, Bridge Race, and Geometry Dash. 

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