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Get to know JJ Redick’s Wife; Who is Chelsea Kilgore? Bio

Chelsea Kilgore is the wife of popular basketball player, JJ Redick and in this article, we will explore their married life and her career.

Who is JJ Redick?

JJ Redick has been making the headlines in the basketball community and he is the centre of discussion among stakeholders in the sports. This can be attributed to his incredible basketball-playing skills.

He has had a remarkable career in the NBA and is touted as a legend by many. He got a call-up into the Orlando Magic and was selected to feature for the first time in NBA 2006. He has had stints with The New Orleans Pelicans, Los Angeles Clippers, and Philadelphia 76ers.

He was signed by Chicago Bulls for a whopping $ 3 million and Orlando Magic challenged the offer with the same money.

He set up a podcast on the internet where he discusses entertainment and basketball and many are always curious to know the source of his stability considering what he has achieved in his career.

Who is Chelsea Kilgore?

She is a Pilates instructor of American descent.

Why is Chelsea Kilgore famous?

She gained media attention following her romantic entanglement with  NBA star, JJ Redick in the year 2010. They tied the knot after months of dating and now, many call her Chelsea Redick.

Chelsea Kilgore Age: How old is Chelsea Kilgore?

She is 36 years old.

Chelsea Kilgore Height: How tall is Chelsea Kilgore?

She has an amazing physique and always looks in shape considering the fact that she is into fitness and wellness.

For her height, she stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Chelsea Kilgore early life

The universe woke up to the birth of Chelsea on May 12, 1987, in Florida, USA.

Chelsea Kilgore Education: What school did Chelsea Kilgore attend?

Chelsea enrolled in Canton Public School and moved on to study at Mississippi State University where she earned a degree in Elementary Education and Teaching.

Her passion and interest in fitness and wellness sparked wildly when she was in Mississippi and she used her access to books and the internet to afford her chances to research and practice fitness ideologies.

Who are Chelsea Kilgore’s Parents?

She is the daughter of John Kilgore and Robin Kilgore.

Does Chelsea Kilgore have siblings?

The interesting thing is that she is not the only girl to have come out of her mother’s womb on that graceful day as she came together with her twin sister, Kylee Jean Kilgore.

Unfortunately, there is little knowledge about her sister Kylee as she does not reveal much about her and keeps her family life discreet.

For now, we can’t confirm if Kylee is the only sibling she has.

Chelsea Kilgore Husband: Is Chelsea Kilgore married?

Their relationship began with friendship the beginning of JJ Redick’s career.

JJ and Chelsea met for the first time in 2008 when Redick was on the Orlando Magic’s team. Their friendship graduated more rapidly because they felt compatible and in 2009, he made that all-important proposal to Chelsea.

They decided to make their relationship official as they tied the knot about a year later in a low-profile wedding ceremony.

JJ’s success in his Basketball career would not have been complete without the influence of Chelsea as she inspired him in diverse ways to give his best and go all out for glory in the game. He has always described Chelsea as his rock and makes every effort to spend quality time with her anytime he is off duty or doesn’t have court assignments to undertake.

We are told that JJ remarked how Chelsea has always ensured that he does not come off as a jerk in any situation.

Chelsea is an active management member of the JJ Redick Foundation and she is part of the foundation’s administration.

Chelsea Kilgore Children: How many kids does Chelsea Kilgore have?

JJ and Chelsea’s union have been strengthened following the arrival of their children.

The first child, Knox was born in August 2014. He was named after their most celebrated music band Knox Hamilton.

Two years after Knox was born, in the same August 2016, they gave birth to Joy Kai. The two kids have been spotted multiple times joining their dad to watch his games. Whilst this is a motivation to JJ Redick, it is an inspiration to his children, Joy Kai and Knox.

Chelsea Kilgore Net Worth: How much is Chelsea Kilgore worth?

She has been very successful in her endeavors and she earns a salary of $450,000 each year.

This has accounted for her remarkable net worth of $2million.

Redick has grossed a net worth of $26 million and is touted by Forbes as the athlete who will be paid the highest in 2019. This financial status chalked by the two personalities gives us the right to conclude they are actualizing the American dream.

What is Chelsea Kilgore Up To Besides Being A WAG?

Even after she wed a famous person, Chelsea continues to teach Pilates. She is enthusiastic about what she does and wants to use her training and encouragement to help those she trains to work for their physical wellness in order to enable them to reach their fitness objectives.

In addition to her career as a fitness instructor, Chelsea manages The JJ Redick Foundation, a nonprofit established by her husband with the goal of assisting in the education of young basketball players through youth clinics.

It’s wonderful to see people giving back to the community, and the foundation is associated with a number of charity.


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